The growing search for companies specialized in EOL equipment

DC Parts is ready to meet the needs of its customers quickly and efficiently in more than 120 cities in Brazil.

Companies are increasingly looking for alternatives to deal with equipment that is out of warranty or that is reaching the end of its useful life. One of the most sought-after solutions is the search for companies specializing in EOL equipment, which offer maintenance, repair and replacement of parts, in addition to warranties that may exceed those offered by manufacturers.

Among the main reasons for this growing search, we highlight the more accessible costs in relation to the maintenance offered by the manufacturers and the possibility of extending the useful life of the equipment. In addition, companies specializing in EOL can offer a more agile and personalized service, with solutions that are more suited to the customer's needs.

Large manufacturers such as Netapp, Dell EMC, DELL, HPE, IBM and Cisco have invested in support and extended warranty programs, but these options are not always the best alternative for companies. In addition to having higher costs, these programs are often limited in relation to the types of equipment that can be covered and the deadlines for assistance.

On the other hand, companies that specialize in EOL equipment can offer more flexible and customized warranties, which can include 4-hour, 6-hour, or even next business day SLAs. In addition, these companies often have an extensive inventory of parts and components, which speeds up the repair and replacement process.

Another advantage is that many companies specializing in EOL offer software and firmware support services, which can be essential in maintaining network security and stability. In addition, these companies can carry out rigorous tests on repaired equipment, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.

Given this scenario, it is increasingly common for companies from different sectors to look for companies specialized in EOL equipment to ensure the continuity of its operations. A DC Parts is one of these companies, which offers maintenance, repair and replacement of parts for equipment of different brands, including NetApp, Dell EMC, DELL, HPE, IBM e Cisco, in addition to warranties of up to 1 year for parts and equipment. With its own NOC and a 0800 for 24 hour services, the DC Parts is ready to meet the needs of its customers in an agile and efficient way in more than 120 cities in Brazil.


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