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Spare Parts is now DC Parts


In São Paulo in 2017, Spare Parts was born, a company that was looking for parts for Data Center equipment.

Our idea was born when we identified the opportunity to bring discs and equipment to stores in the United States. And above all to meet the demand of companies that had their equipment offline.

We find suppliers with whom we build good relationships to obtain lower prices. In the same way that we use a more efficient shipping method for agile delivery and offer it to our customers.

Our determinants were: good prices, quality of parts and speed of delivery.

Our DNA is formed by technical experience in data center equipment. And high history and knowledge in the execution of projects, analysis and operations in Data Centers throughout Brazil.


Why did SpareParts become DC Parts? 


We decided to evolve to improve our service and in 2020, under a new direction, then we created a brand that responds to the current demands of the market.

A company that brings together a specialized service that will focus on the location of premium parts and also offers personalized service to listen and serve.

For the exact needs that customers demand. So our business model also led us to think about a wider scope and to have points of attention in different countries in Latin America.

Before: Spare Parts served more than 250 customers, with whom we gained a lot of experience and knowledge both in sales and in services.

Today the DC Parts aims to offer a complete service, and our first objective is to obtain the most difficult parts to find on the market. Above all, to extend the active life of Data Center equipment that has reached the end of its cycle and availability in the market (EOS phase).

We can now track and locate old and still in production parts. Likewise, we include a technical support service and assistance for queries and installation of equipment.

Conclusion is that we have grown to offer the ideal service to our customers

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