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Extended Operational Program

Extended Operational Program A viable alternative for purchasing new hardware is to maintain an existing infrastructure through an Extended Operating Program (EOP) solution. Although it is not a radical alternative, it is an alternative that many ...

Maintenance DELL EMC VNX switching to Unity Hardware

Maintenance DELL EMC VNX switching to Unity Hardware The first generation of the Dell EMC VNX reached end of life on December 31, 2019 and contained the following EMC VNX5100, 5300, 5500, 5700 and 7500 models. This now leaves only the second generation of ...

Hardware Supply

Hardware Supply Whether you are considering purchasing the latest technology, exploring purchase alternatives such as used hardware, or looking at the possibility of renting hardware equipment for a period of time, DC Parts can provide any...

IT Third Party Maintenance

IT Third Party Maintenance With increasing demand to further tighten IT budgets further and still maintain comprehensive and robust services, reducing expenses has become a vital strategy. That said, ensure that interruptions to ...

End of support for NetApp FAS2220 and FAS2240

End of NetApp support on FAS2220 and FAS2240, what options do you have when the manufacturer forces you to buy new equipment? With the next end of life support (EOSL) for the NetApp FAS2220 and FAS2240, many customers are now making decisions ...

Maintenance of NetApp and the CFO

NetApp Maintenance and the CFO What does your organization's CFO need to know about NetApp maintenance? Not all details, for sure. In other words, it may be worthwhile for CIOs and IT directors to share a cost-benefit analysis for ...

Assessing your hardware maintenance costs - Part 2

A smart way to assess your hardware maintenance costs When the brand becomes bloated: The Overvaluation of OEM Support Instead of raising the price as OEMs or taking advantage of a captive market, third-party maintenance companies ...

Assessing your hardware maintenance costs - Part 1

A smart way to assess your hardware maintenance costs Influence of maintenance costs taking your entire budget Whether you're a Fortune 100 company or just starting out, if you have corporate IT hardware, ...

Is it worth renewing support with NetApp?

Is it worth renewing support with NetApp? When the typical three-year warranty support period ends, many customers begin to investigate how to renew support with NetApp so that they can extend the life of the hardware with ...

Myths and fears when renewing support for your out-of-warranty IT equipment

DC Parts dispels some myths and fears when it comes to renewing the support of your IT equipment out of warranty Here we list some myths, problems and needs that we see in many companies with their IT equipment that are guaranteed ...


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