Is your IBM hardware at the End of Service Life? This is not a problem, the DC parts can help you.

When is an IBM equipment coming or is it already at the end of its useful life (End of Service Life)? In other words, it means that IBM will no longer provide technical support or maintenance for your hardware.

It may seem that you only have two options: upgrade to newer equipment or take on the heavy burden of troubleshooting, saving and fixing EOSL equipment. However, there are better options that you should consider.

In conclusion, we make it easy to find the latest end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOSL) information for your IBM equipment. In other words, allowing you to extend the support cycle and maximize the value of your hardware, saving 30 to 40% over the IBM contract.

If you have storage, a server or any other piece of equipment that IBM no longer supports. Enter in contact us, that we can help extend the life of your IBM equipment.

IBM End of Service Life models

ManufacturerBasic descriptionend of life
IBMSystem Storage DS3950 EXP395 16 Bay Expansion Drawer12/31/2015
IBMSystem Storage DS3950 16 Bay 8Gb FC / iSCSI Array12/31/2016
IBMSystem Storage 3584 / TS3500 Tape Library07/31/2017
IBMSystem i Express 1-Way Server01/31/2019
IBMStorage N-Series N520003/31/2014
IBMStorage N-Series N3700 Model 00104/30/2015
IBMStorage EXP400 14 Bay Expansion Drawer03/31/2015
IBMSmartCube x720012/31/2020
IBMRS / 6000 Workgroup Server Model F4006/30/2017
IBMRS / 6000 R50 Server10/31/2014
IBMRS / 6000 Model 27006/30/2017
IBMRS / 6000 Model 26012/31/2016
IBMRS / 6000 Model 25010/31/2014
IBMRS / 6000 Model 17006/30/2017
IBMRS / 6000 Model 15006/30/2017
IBMRS / 6000 IBM eServer pSeries 660 Model 6M112/30/2019
IBMRS / 6000 IBM eServer pSeries 660 Model 6H112/30/2019
IBMRS / 6000 H80 Server01/31/2018
IBMRS / 6000 F50 Server06/30/2017
IBMRS / 6000 Enterprise Server Model H7012/31/2019
IBMRS / 6000 E30 Server06/30/2017
IBMRS / 6000 43P Model 14012/31/2016
IBMpSeries 670 Central Electronics Complex Model 67112/31/2018
IBMpSeries 560Q01/31/2019
IBMPS704 Blade09/30/2019
IBMPS703 Blade09/30/2019
IBMPS701 / 702 Blade09/30/2019
IBMPS701 / 702 Blade09/30/2019
IBMPS700 Blade09/30/2019
IBMProtectTIER TS7650G11/30/2020
IBMProtectTIER TS762011/30/2020
IBMPowerLinux 7R2 L2S09/30/2019
IBMPowerLinux 7R209/30/2019
IBMPowerLinux 730L09/30/2017
IBMPowerLinux 7R109/30/2019
IBMPower5 Model 59501/31/2019
IBMPower5 Model 59001/31/2019
IBMPower (R) 59503/31/2019
IBMPower Chassis09/30/2019
IBMPower 78012/31/2020
IBMPower 77509/30/2019
IBMPower 770 IOC09/30/2019
IBMPower 77009/30/2019
IBMPower 75509/30/2019
IBMPower 75009/30/2019
IBMPower 740 IOC09/30/2019
IBMPower 74009/30/2019
IBMPower 720 IOC09/30/2019
IBMPower 72009/30/2019
IBMPower 710/73009/30/2019
IBMPower 710 IOC09/30/2019
IBMPower 57503/31/2019
IBMPower 57003/31/2019
IBMPower 56003/31/2019
IBMPower 550 Express M5003/31/2019
IBMPower 55003/31/2019
IBMPower 520 Express (R)03/31/2019
IBMPower 520 Express M2503/31/2019
IBMPower 52003/31/2019
IBMNeXtScale nx360 M412/31/2020
IBMnetfinity 300012/31/2009
IBMLotus Foundations Server12/31/2020
IBMIntelliStation A Pro03/31/2015
IBMiDataPlex dx360 M4 server12/31/2021
IBMiDataPlex dx360 M4 2U chassis12/31/2021
IBMIBM zAwareDR 206/30/2017
IBMIBM zAwareDR 1006/30/2017
IBMIBM zAware 6 Pack06/30/2017
IBMIBM zAware 4 Pack06/30/2017
IBMIBM zAware 2 Pack06/30/2017
IBMIBM zAware 1006/30/2017
IBMIBM z13s06/30/2017
IBMIBM z1306/30/2017
IBMIBM xSeries RXE10012/31/2018
IBMIBM xSeries 460 MXE03/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 46003/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 44012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 395003/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 385006/30/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 3755 M209/30/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 36606/30/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 365006/30/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 36512/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 36012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 355012/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 350012/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 34612/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 345512/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 34509/30/2009
IBMIBM xSeries 34212/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 3400 M312/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 340012/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 34012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 33512/31/2009
IBMIBM xSeries 33012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 32612/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 325012/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 32512/31/2010
IBMIBM xSeries 320012/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 30612/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 30506/30/2009
IBMIBM xSeries 30012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 25512/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 25012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 24006/30/2012
IBMIBM xSeries 23603/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 23512/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 23012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 22603/31/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 20606/30/2015
IBMIBM xSeries 20509/30/2009
IBMIBM xSeries 20012/31/2008
IBMIBM xSeries 10012/31/2015
IBMIBM TotalStorage SAN32M-212/31/2012
IBMIBM TotalStorage SAN16M-212/31/2012
IBMIBM Switch 4Gbit 64 port FC SAN64B-212/31/2013
IBMIBM Switch 4Gbit 32 port FC SAN32B-312/31/2013
IBMIBM Switch 4Gbit 32 port FC SAN32B-212/31/2013
IBMIBM Switch 4Gbit 16 port FC SAN16B-212/31/2013
IBMIBM Switch 4Gb 24 port FC SAN24M-112/31/2011
IBMIBM Switch 4Gb 16 port FC SAN16M-209/30/2012
IBMIBM Switch 2Gbit 8 port FC12/31/2011
IBMIBM Switch 2Gbit 16port12/31/2011
IBMIBM Storage Ultrium Tape Autoloader11/30/2017
IBMIBM Storage Ultrium 2 Tape Autoloader11/30/2017
IBMIBM Storage UltraScalable Storage Tape Library07/31/2017
IBMIBM Storage TS1120 Tape Controller01/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7950T Model E2207/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7900 Model G2112/31/2014
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7900 Model A1112/31/2015
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7900 Dual Node Filer 2 x 6U04/30/2015
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7800 Model G2006/30/2014
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7800 Model G1006/30/2017
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7800 Model A2012/31/2013
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7800 Model A1012/31/2013
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N7550T Model C2007/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6270 Model E2207/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6270 Model E1207/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6270 Model C2207/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6250 Model E2607/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6250 Model E1607/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6240 Model E2107/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6240 Model E1107/31/2018
IBMIBM Storage N-Series N6240 Model C2107/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 690 Central Electronics Complex Model 68112/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 65012/31/2017
IBMIBM pSeries 640 B8001/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 63001/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 62006/30/2017
IBMIBM pSeries 61512/31/2017
IBMIBM pSeries 61012/31/2017
IBMIBM pSeries 57010/31/2019
IBMIBM pSeries 55A01/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 55001/31/2019
IBMIBM pSeries 52A01/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 52001/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 51001/31/2018
IBMIBM pSeries 50501/31/2018
IBMFlex System x440 Compute Node12/31/2021
IBMFlex System x44012/31/2020
IBMFlex System x24012/31/2020
IBMFlex System x222 Compute Node12/31/2021
IBMFlex System x220 Compute Node12/31/2021
IBMFlex System x22012/31/2020
IBMFlex System V700007/31/2020
IBMFlex System p46009/30/2019
IBMFlex System p26009/30/2019
IBMFlex System p24L09/30/2019
IBMFlex System Chassis12/31/2021
IBMFASTT200 Storage Server12/31/2009
IBMEthernet Switch J48E12/31/2020
IBMeServer xSeries 44512/31/2009
IBMeServer xSeries 23212/31/2008
IBMeServer xSeries 22512/31/2008
IBMeServer xSeries 206m12/31/2020
IBMeServer pSeries 65006/30/2018
IBMeServer iSeries 89010/30/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 84010/31/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 83010/30/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 82510/30/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 82010/30/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 81010/30/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 80010/30/2020
IBMeServer iSeries 57003/31/2019
IBMeServer iSeries 27012/31/2018
IBMECLIPZ Blade03/31/2019
IBMBladeCenter T12/31/2021
IBMBladeCenter PN4112/31/2020
IBMBladeCenter LS4112/31/2015
IBMBladeCenter LS2109/30/2015
IBMBladeCenter LS2012/31/2014
IBMBladeCenter JS4303/31/2019
IBMBladeCenter JS2303/31/2019
IBMBladeCenter JS1203/31/2019
IBMBladeCenter HS4012/31/2015
IBMBladeCenter HS23E12/31/2021
IBMBladeCenter HS2312/31/2020
IBMBladeCenter HS22V12/31/2021
IBMBladeCenter HS2106/30/2015
IBMBladeCenter HS2012/31/2015
IBMBladeCenter HC1012/31/2020
IBMBladeCenter E12/31/2013
IBMAS / 400e Server 17012/31/2018
IBMTotalStorage DS6800 Expansion Enclosure09/30/2009
IBMTotalStorage DS4300 2Gb FC Array 14 Slot12/31/2015
IBMSystem x iDataPlex dx360 Server12/31/2020
IBMSystem x iDataPlex dx360 M4 Server12/31/2021
IBMSystem x iDataPlex dx360 M3 Server12/31/2020
IBMN-Series N6220 System Storage07/31/2018
IBMN-Series N6210 System Storage07/31/2018
IBMN-Series N6070 System Storage03/31/2017
IBMN-Series N6060 System Storage03/31/2017
IBMN-Series N6040 System Storage03/31/2017
IBMN-Series N5500 System Storage12/31/2012
IBMSystem Storage N-Series N3700 Model A1011/30/2013
IBMSystem Storage N-Series N3600 Dual Controller Filer12/31/2014
IBMSystem Storage N-Series N3400 Dual Controller Filer10/31/2017
IBMN-Series N3300 System Storage06/30/2017
IBMN-Series N3240 System Storage07/31/2018
IBMN-Series N3220 System Storage07/31/2018
IBMN-Series N3150 System Storage07/31/2018
IBMEXN3200 Model 306 SATA Expansion System Storage12/31/2018
IBMDS8800 System Storage03/31/2019
IBMDS8700 System Storage05/31/2018
IBMDS8300 System Storage03/31/2016
IBMDS8100 System Storage03/31/2016
IBMDS6800 System Storage09/30/2015
IBMSystem Storage DS5300 Storage Server12/31/2017
IBMSystem Storage DS5100 Storage Server12/31/2017
IBMDS4800 Array System Storage12/31/2015
IBMDS4700 Express Model 72 System Storage12/31/2015
IBMSystem Storage DS4000 EXP810 Storage Expansion Unit12/31/2019
IBMDS4000 System Storage12/31/2015

Third party maintenance for IBM End-of-Life (EOL) Servers and IBM End-of-Service-Life Servers (EOSL)

A DC Parts made an analysis on more than 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and showed us that 40-60% of the equipment of these customers operate beyond the end dates of support.

There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure. When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make big savings.

How can we help:

We offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most affordable way, without compromising their performance. 

IBM Servers support

Support services DC Parts provide support for IBM servers. We work to combine the right approach with the right equipment to address your IBM server support needs.

With a highly trained team of certified engineers ready to solve any IBM server problems, support DC Parts is uniquely qualified to serve you. If you would like to speak with a representative about purchasing support from IBM servers, contact us.

The support DC Parts helps companies of all sizes better manage their IT data centers by providing third-party support and maintenance services to leading equipment manufacturers, including: IBM, oracle sun, Cisco and more.

With support DC Parts, we manage all your hardware, between the manufacturers through a link. The support DC Parts offers flexible service level agreements, certified engineering support teams and dedicated customer service representatives.

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