IBM PCI-E Interface 00MJ027

IBM 8Gb FC 4 Port Host Interface for IBM StorWize V7000 G2 Alt. Part #: 00MJ027, 00MJ028, 00MJ029 Brand: IBM / Lenovo Part #: 00MJ027, 00MJ028, 00MJ029


  • Board form factor: Plug-in board
  • Interface: PCI-E (Fiber Channel, SAS)
  • Ports: (4) SFP
  • Storage Capacity: 8GB
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PCI-E interface IBM 00MJ027 - StorWize V7000 G2 - With warranty and technical service for installation or support.

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  • Board Form Factor: Plug-in board
  • Interface: PCI-E (Fibre Channel, SAS)
  • Doors: (4) SFP
  • Storage capacity: 8GB


  • IBM StorWize V7000 G2 Storage Systems

Condition: New; factory sealed replacement part

Warranty: Up to 1 (one) year warranty

Key points to note about this HBA 00MJ027:

The IBM 00MJ027 HBA, also known as the IBM 8Gb FC 4 Port Host Interface, provides reliable performance and high storage capacity for IBM StorWize V7000 G2 systems. Equipped with four SFP ports, this adapter provides a stable and efficient connection for your storage needs, ensuring fast and secure data transfers.

To ensure correct operation, it is essential to use the correct SFP transceivers with each adapter card. We recommend carefully following the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper host interface adapter replacement as outlined in the steps provided.

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For correct operation, use the correct SFP transceivers with each adapter card.

  • Use only 8 bps SFP transceivers on 8 Gbps Fiber Channel adapter cards.
  • Use only 16 Gbps SFP transceivers on 16 Gbps Fiber Channel adapter cards.
  • Use only 10 Gbps SFP transceivers on the 10 Gbps Ethernet adapter card (FCoE/iSCSI).

Complete the following steps to replace a host interface adapter.

  1. Identify which host interface adapter to remove. The interface adapters are in slots numbered 2 and 3.
  2. Remove any small form factor pluggable SFP transceivers from each host interface adapter backport and place securely to one side.
  3. Gently pull up on the host interface adapter to disconnect it, and then carefully remove it from the case.
  4. Remove the replacement host interface adapter from your package.
  5. Set the connecting edge of the replacement host interface adapter onto the host interface adapter connector so that the connectors are aligned.
  6. Make sure the adapter is perpendicular to the case's main board so that the small tab on the top of the bracket is aligned with the alignment hole on the top edge of the slot.
  7. Maintain alignment while applying pressure to the top edge of the host interface adapter opposite the connecting edge to push the host interface adapter into the connector.
  8. Verify that the host interface adapter is installed directly into its slot. If the small tab on the mounting bracket is not positioned correctly, repeat the steps to install the adapter correctly.
  9. Replace the container lid.
  10. If any SFP transceivers have been removed from the rear ports of the host interface adapter, ensure that each has been reinstalled.
  11. Reinstall the canister into the bay from which it was removed. The node canister starts.
  12. Reconnect the cables to the cylinder, ensuring that the cables enter the same ports from which they were removed.
  13. Once the box is back online, check the event log for any new events related to hardware changes.

Figure 1: Example of installed 10 Gbps Fiber Channel over Ethernet/iSCSI host interface adapters

Note: This adapter can only be installed in slots 2 and 3.

Figure 1 above shows two 10 Gbps Fiber Channel over Ethernet/iSCSI host interface adapters, both installed in slot 3.

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Some segments of the economy that we help

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