How to Extend the Life of Your NetApp Storage

When the OEM warranty or support expires, your data center is vulnerable to instabilities caused by equipment problems. So today, we want to show you how not to get stuck with your NetApp storage and still make good savings.

The idea is that you know a simple, accessible and equally efficient way to extend shelf life of your equipment with DC Parts, without having to renew the warranty with the manufacturer or reinvigorate the assets. follow up.

services of DC Parts to NetApp storage

If a considerable part of your data center is close to becoming EOA (End-Of-Availability, that is, hardware that is no longer sold), NetApp will try two things: sell new equipment, under the justification that they already come with a upgraded warranty, or extend the warranty you already have.

However, both options can cause some discomfort to your finances. Also, as the original support and warranty period is predetermined by the manufacturer, we can say that it is also a strategic element.

To DC Parts, you save precisely on this issue of warranty and support for NetApp storage. See available services:


You don't need to exchange your assets or pay more to keep their collateral. With our support, you can extend the life of your NetApp equipment at a much lower cost.

Residual value of the asset

We have a cost-neutral solution: you know the residual value of your NetApp storage? It is not what we consider when establishing the value of the contract. Our business model does not depend on the OEM, that is, it would not make sense to focus on the residual value of the equipment.

Plus, you get the option to customize a contract whether you need it for 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months in length.

Benefits of support and maintenance DC Parts

Now that you've seen a little of what our warranty for NetApp equipment consists of, check out the benefits of our support and maintenance:

  • Technical diagnosis and repair of NetApp storage FAS;
  • Level 3 Engineer assigned to an account;
  • Service availability in Latin America;
  • Maintenance support for current and EOL/EOSL NetApp hardware;
  • Pro-rata support and co-termination dates;
  • Detailed data center health check reports;
  • Audits;
  • Data migration between platforms;
  • Discussion on deactivating and deleting data;
  • Technical engineers with extensive field experience;
  • Helpdesk assistance;
  • Operation and configuration assistance;
  • rental of NetApp hardware;
  • Operating economy.

Extend the life of your NetApp storage now

If all of your NetApp storage equipment is working fine, there may be no real need to replace it with a new line just to keep your entire data center covered under warranty. It is, then, a diagnosis to certify the health of the hardware.

If the reinvigoration of the assets is indeed necessary, we can proceed with the replacement at a better price, with a guarantee. Now, if you don't have to, you can maintain all equipment and call in our maintenance and support service, ensuring that your entire data center is safe.

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