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STORAGE: E-mail, website and ERP stopped, Losses and headache.

Here you will find a case study, based on a technical service carried out by DC Parts.
For ethical reasons, the customer's data and name will be preserved.

CLIENT: Public Development Bank

CHALLENGE: The main challenge in this case study was to solve the customer's problem, which was use of e-mail, website and ERP compromised, after storage failure.

CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT: The equipment that failed was a Storage Netapp FAS8060. High availability cluster failed 2 FANS and 3 HDDs, in addition to controller failure.

This flaw was enough to compromise access to important channels, such as the website, as well as e-mails and ERP.

It should be noted that the ERP normally interferes in several areas of the operation, including financial and HR, generating several losses for the customer.

OPPORTUNITIES: In the initial contact with the customer, on an emergency basis, there was a report of the failure in the operation.
It was necessary to attend in person to identify the intercurrence in the equipment and from that, the certified specialist identified the failures and solved them as follows:

  • Metrocluster NetApp solution in Storage FAS8060 failed in one of the FAN.
  • Only one of the backup sites was operating and the main one was down.
  • Evaluating the equipment, it was identified the need to replace Sysfan3 F1 and Sysfan3 F2, replacement of X308A-R5 and X423A-R5 disks and data resynchronization between the main site and the secondary site.
  • Considering the solution to the existing problem, we indicate the acquisition of 1 NetApp FAS80X0-CHASSIS-INT-R6 Chassis n/Fans & PSU's, in addition to supplying a chassis board and service for replacement.
  • From the resolutions presented, the customer even started to invest in scheduled maintenance, including evaluation and replacement of parts.


From the problem presented by the customer, we can list gains in the operation and for the company itself:

Despite calling the services for an urgent repair, the company was able to fully recover the operation, with no loss of data.

Based on the on-site engineer's evaluation, it was possible to direct solutions to the customer, to prevent the problem from occurring again.
With the replacement of parts in NetApp storage, the customer is more relaxed in relation to possible failures.

When investing in a maintenance contract, the customer opted for problem prevention. In this situation, there will hardly be any impacts that cause activities or tools to stop, thus also avoiding financial losses.


This case study reveals the demands of most of the customers of DC Parts, in need of emergency support.

In many cases, companies do not have scheduled maintenance on their equipment, which puts not only the devices at risk, but all the information that is stored on these sites.

Investing in preventive maintenance is the best way. In addition, it is possible to extend the equipment warranty on more favorable terms than those offered by the manufacturer and resellers of the brands.

Identifying solutions that reduce costs and increase the security of your IT area is no longer an option, it is a necessity for all companies, be they financial institutions, public agencies, private entities, among others.

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