Cisco is one of the leading global networking and communications technology companies. Founded in 1984, Cisco provides a broad range of products and services to help organizations of all sizes connect, collaborate and protect themselves digitally. Here are some of the key areas in which Cisco operates:

1. **Network Infrastructure**: Cisco is widely known for its routers and switches, which form the basis of network infrastructure in many organizations around the world. These devices allow data communication between computers, servers, mobile devices and other devices connected to the network.

2. **Network Security**: Cisco offers a variety of network security solutions to protect against cyber threats, including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), incident detection and response (IDR) systems, endpoint security solutions and much more.

3. **Collaboration**: Cisco is a leader in communications and collaboration solutions, offering products such as IP phones, video conferencing systems, team collaboration applications, and unified communications platforms to help teams work together effectively , regardless of location.

4. **Data Center and Cloud**: Cisco offers infrastructure solutions for data centers and cloud environments, including servers, data center switches, storage solutions, data center management software, and more.

5. **Internet of Things (IoT)**: Cisco is involved in providing networking and infrastructure solutions to support the Internet of Things, helping organizations connect and manage smart devices and sensors in a variety of environments.

6. **Services and Support**: In addition to products, Cisco offers a wide range of professional services, including consulting, implementation, technical support and training to help customers maximize the value of their Cisco technology investments.

Overall, Cisco plays a critical role in building modern networking and communications infrastructure, empowering organizations to connect, innovate and compete in the digital world.

The growing demand for EOL (End of Life) equipment specialists

The growing demand for EOL (End of Life) equipment specialists

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