Who we are and what we do

DC Parts is a company that supplies parts for Data Center equipment that has reached the end of its performance and/or availability (EOA - End Of Availability).
His main interest is to extend the productive life of his clients' active IT infrastructure, in accordance with their corporate values ​​of TRUST, LOYALTY, EMPATHY AND CELERITY.
The brand DC Parts is born from the acronym Data Center and is complemented by the word Parts, which means parts or pieces.
Its logo is an abstraction of the infinity symbol, which refers to the life cycle, which comes to an end and which thanks to a piece can last much longer.
Its colors are represented in a golden tone that is associated with the sun in reference to life, strength and will. In other words, it represents quality and trust.
Our focus on leading manufacturers of technology. For this, we have a network overall strategic partners, guaranteeing origin and agility in the delivery.

A DC Parts was born in Brazil, in 2017, in the city of São Paulo

What We do


We help companies:

  • Enlarge the life cycle of your IT assets;

  • Maximize the resilience of its infrastructure;

  • Reduce CAPEX expenses;

  • Delete restrictions imposed by manufacturers;

  • Valuing your investments.


Our team

technique is formed by professionals from ahigh feedback, certified in the main technologies and with extensive EXPERIENCE professional. 
Above all, we have a team commercial attentive to the needs of our partners and logistics agile and less bureaucratic, making feasible smaller possible delivery times

Why choose DC PARTS?

  • Parts of high quality, reliable and up to 50% cheaper;

  • Broad portfolio and stock location (SP);

  • Warranty up to 1 year;

  • Organization support channels;

  • Submission of proposals by 2 business days;

  • Expertise in data centers and integrators;

  • Always the best price.

Some segments of the economy that we help

Some segments of the economy that we help

A DC Parts made an analysis on more than 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and showed us that 40-60% of the equipment of these customers operate beyond the end dates of support.
There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure.
For example when you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make huge savings. At DC Parts, we offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in a more affordable way, without compromising their performance.

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