HP BladeSystem C7000 CTO Enclosure Model X 3

HP BladeSystem C7000 CTO Enclosure Model X3 – With warranty and technical service for installation or support.

A DC Parts is a distributor of new and refurbished HPE equipment and accessories. Our technology experts can help you select and configure the right HPE blade solution for your specific data needs. Like all of our equipment, HPE blades are fully tested, you can count on worry-free service for years to come. And, should the need arise, our team of certified engineers is on hand to provide support for any issues you may have. If you would like to speak with a representative about HPE equipment offerings, please contact contact us.


HP BladeSystem C7000 CTO Enclosure Model X3 Screen

As server, storage and networking technologies have changed; Traditional rack-mounted infrastructure solutions have created greater infrastructure management complexity and physical data center deployment.

HP BLc7000 Blade Cabinet Generations

What's New on the BLc7000 Model X 3 " Enclosure Screen

  • 3" (2") display
  • Gold 2400W Power Supply Options

HP BladeSystem is the evolution of the entire rack-mounted infrastructure. A BladeSystem aims to reduce costs and simplify the management, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure behind your multi-server environment. It consolidates and repackages all supporting infrastructure elements – compute, storage, network and power into a single platform that can accelerate your data center integration and optimization.

With the flexibility to scale from a single enclosure with up to 16 blades to a rack containing 4 enclosures with up to 64 blades, the Class C infrastructure is designed to meet today's business needs.

BLc7000 Model X 3 "Front screen

An HPE BladeSystem c-Class infrastructure is made up of several components:

  • ProLiant and Integrity server blades for Windows, Linux and HP UX.
  • Choice of Intel processors, including the latest dual-core processors for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
  • HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosure offering connectivity, power and cooling options. The Class C cabinet is designed for full redundancy and high availability. Redundant power, cooling, cabinet management and interconnect modules are part of the standard cabinet design.
  • Integrated administrator module that provides a single point of control for intelligent management of the entire cabinet.
  • Insight Display with Onboard Administrator technology provides local management through an LCD display conveniently located on the front of the system.
  • Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI and other interconnect options
  • A power subsystem that provides redundant power modes and dynamic power saving mode, which uses up to 22% less power than traditional rack-mounted servers.
  • PARSEC (Parallel, Redundant, Scalable, Enclosure Cooling) architecture: for maximum cooling that consumes less energy and reduces data center noise.
  • Future Storage Blades Options: Direct Attach Storage Blades or Shared Storage Blades, which provide block-based shared storage capacity for the server blades in the enclosure.

BLc7000 Model X 3 "Rear screen


Some segments of the economy that we help

Some segments of the economy that we help


Third party maintenance for HPE End-of-Life (EOL) and HPE End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)

A DC Parts made an analysis on more than 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and showed us that 40-60% of the equipment of these customers operate beyond the end dates of support.

There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure. When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make big savings.

How can we help:

We offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most affordable way, without compromising their performance.

HPE Blade Leases

A DC Parts provides HPE server rentals for a convenient and affordable solution to a range of data center issues such as seasonal spikes and data center relocation. We work to match the right approach with the right equipment to properly meet your customized need for HPE Storage and Blade leases. With a highly trained team of certified engineers ready to solve any problems, DC Parts is uniquely qualified to serve you. If you would like to speak with a representative about leasing HPE machines, please contact us.

HPE Blade Support

Support services DC Parts provide support for HPE equipment. We work to match the right approach with the right equipment to meet your HPE equipment support needs. With a highly trained team of certified engineers ready to troubleshoot any HPE equipment issues, DC Parts is uniquely qualified to serve you. If you would like to speak with a representative about purchasing HPE Equipment Support, please contact us.
A DC Parts helps companies of all sizes better manage their IT data centers by providing third-party support services to leading equipment manufacturers, including: Hitachi HDS, NetApp, Dell EMC, Oracle Sun, Cisco , and more.
With support DC Parts, we manage all your hardware, between the manufacturers through a link. Support from DC Parts offers flexible service level agreements, certified engineering support teams and dedicated customer service representatives. Extend the life and value of your IT assets. contact support DC Parts immediately.

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