EMC VNXe3150 Description

The VNXe3150 Storage Processor Enclosure (SPE) allows VNXe3150 customers to grow with their business by expanding the system's storage capacity. The VNXe3150's intuitive design allows you to easily add new disks that can be used to expand existing storage pools or create new pools. The VNXe3150 allows you to add any combination of SAS or NL-SAS to target certain storage capacities or performance metrics. As a unified storage system, data can be shared across SAN for applications and NAS for CIFS or NFS shares. The VNXe3150 is a high-performance, I/O-dense, high-capacity storage system in a small 2U form factor.

The VNXe3150 system with integrated disk storage can be used with two controllers and supports multiprotocol IP connectivity to concurrent NAS and iSCSI SANs. Great for small and medium-sized businesses, the VNXe3150 can be easily expanded to meet your storage needs. With a choice of NL-SAS and combo SAS drives, you can find just the right amount of capacity and performance to meet your enterprise storage needs.

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