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Success story: Public Agency of the state of São Paulo

Here you will find a case study, based on a technical service carried out by DC Parts🇧🇷 For ethical reasons, the customer's data and name will be preserved.

CLIENT: Public Agency of the State of São Paulo

CHALLENGE: O client was unable to carry out consultations, making the work routine of the entire company difficult.

CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT: The equipment that failed was a Dell EqualLogic PS6110X Storage.

This failure resulted in a lack of access to files, impeding the company's daily routines.

OPPORTUNITIES: In this case, we performed on-site access for analysis and found the following problems:

  • Fault requiring replacement of two batteries

In addition, the equipment firmware was updated to the latest version made available by the manufacturer.

These cases reveal the demands of a good part of the clients of DC Parts, in need of emergency support.

In many cases, companies do not have scheduled maintenance on their equipment, which puts not only the devices at risk, but all the information that is stored on these sites.

Investing in preventive maintenance it's the best way. In addition, it is possible to extend the equipment warranty on more favorable terms than those offered by the manufacturer and brand resellers.

Identifying solutions that reduce costs and increase the security of your IT area is no longer an option, it is a necessity for all companies, be they financial institutions, public agencies, private entities, among others.

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