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Maintenance of NetApp and the CFO


What does your organization's CFO need to know about NetApp maintenance? Not all details, for sure. In other words, it may be worthwhile for CIOs and IT directors to share a cost-benefit analysis for an innovative maintenance approach that will:

  • Limit capital expenditures;
  • Cut annual support costs;
  • Get more value out of IT investments.


Interested? Keep reading.


NetApp believes that IT is a financial function


In one interview Wall Street Journal with CFO Nick Noviello reveals that, at NetApp, the CIO is part of the financial organization. But interestingly, this fact implies a lot about how NetApp sees its own IT role. In the words of Noviello:

"There is a big advantage here, strategic, operational and financial ... Understanding the financial ramifications, working with alternatives as a team and building an IT infrastructure together is a great benefit of having the CIO as part of the finance organization."

From the same point of view that your company does not combine IT and Finance, “financial ramifications” are still central to CIOs and IT Directors. Furthermore, the time when having the newest technology was gone was enough reason.

Above all, each dollar spent must be justified and the ROI calculated to the last penny. In this way, maintenance decisions deserve a new analysis.


Maximizing IT ROI


When it comes to NetApp hardware and software, IT organizations choose NetApp for post-warranty support. In return, contracting the maintenance of NetApp, is as easy as signing the renewal of the contract they provide, without a doubt that since doing so actually wastes resources and compromises long-term IT planning. 

It is a move that we believe the NetApp CFO would not do in its place.


Because? Consider this:


  • NetApp maintenance contracts cost substantially more, above all without offering the quality of service that justifies the price. 

    An alternative support provider will cost 40% to 70% less each year - savings that any CFO will appreciate. In addition, the best of these providers are known to outperform NetApp's SLAs, thereby offering more customizable contract options, including a wider range of service standards.

    And also in this way, achieving an economy that NetApp cannot match.


  • A rigid and bureaucratic structure, therefore, makes it more difficult to access the support for which you are paying NetApp in the first place. 

    With NetApp, you are stuck with escalation procedures and slow responses, since as a result often ineffective, problematic calls, in short, that together waste the team's time and put other priorities in the background. 

    On the other hand, a provider such as DC Partsin short, it allows instant access to Level 3 personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can put an engineer on site, with spare parts in hand, incredibly quickly. In other words the result is, on site you are back to work as soon as possible.


  • Manufacturers (OEMs), including NetApp, often force customers to purchase new hardware and terminate support according to a programming their, not yours.

    By setting rigid and fast EOSL dates, NetApp either forces companies to buy new equipment or runs the risk of running out of support. In other words, the company has always been successful in convincing customers not to make small improvements to existing equipment. Like adding more drives to meet capacity needs, arguing that EOSL is coming.

    Investments must also be spent on new hardware to keep up to date. In other words, NetApp equipment maintenance providers, above all, DC Parts never terminate support, just as these high pressure tactics go away, so you can set your own hardware update priorities and schedules.



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