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Is your Dell hardware at the end of its service life (End of Service Life)? This is not a problem, DC parts can help you.


When is Dell equipment coming or is it already at the end of its life (End of Service Life)? In other words, it means that Dell will no longer provide technical support or maintenance for your hardware.

It may seem that you only have two options: upgrade to newer equipment or take on the heavy burden of troubleshooting, saving and fixing EOSL equipment. However, there are better options that you should consider.

In conclusion, we make it easy to find the latest end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOSL) information for your Dell equipment. In other words, allowing you to extend the support cycle and maximize the value of your hardware, saving 30 to 40% over the Dell contract.

If in case you have a storage, switch, server or any other piece of equipment that Dell no longer provides support. Enter in contact us, that we can help extend the life of your Dell equipment.


Dell End of Service Life Models


ManufacturerBasic descriptionend of life
DELLVNX 760001/30/2023
DELLVNX 580001/30/2023
DELLVNX 510012/31/2020
DELLUnity 400F07/31/2025
DELLUnity 300F07/31/2025
DELLPowerEdge C6220
DELLEqualLogic PS6000SXV11/30/2018
DELLEqualLogic PS6000S11/30/2018
DELLEqualLogic PS4000XV10/31/2018
DELLDell PowerEdge T7102012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge T6102012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge T4102012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge T3102012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge R91003/29/2015
DELLDell PowerEdge R90507/29/2004
DELLDell PowerEdge R90007/23/2015
DELLDell PowerEdge R730
DELLDell PowerEdge R720 XD05/18/2018
DELLDell PowerEdge R72005/25/2018
DELLDell PowerEdge R71005/18/2016
DELLDell PowerEdge R630
DELLDell PowerEdge R62005/25/2018
DELLDell PowerEdge R6102016-10-10
DELLDell PowerEdge R5102012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge R4102019-01-06
DELLDell PowerEdge R3102019-01-06
DELLDell PowerEdge M710HD Blade2012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge M710 Blade2012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge M610 Blade2012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge M600 Blade2009-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge 84502006-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 695012/31/2013
DELLDell PowerEdge 68502012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge 68002012-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge 66502010-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 64502006-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 64002006-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 46002009-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 44002006-01-01
DELLDell PowerEdge 430012/31/2007
DELLDell PowerEdge 295010/19/2015
DELLDell PowerEdge 28502011-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 28002010-01-01
DELLDell PowerEdge 26502010-01-02
DELLDell PowerEdge 26002007-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 25502007-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 25002007-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 24502006-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 24002006-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 19502014-12-12
DELLDell PowerEdge 1855 Blade2011-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 18502011-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 18002011-01-04
DELLDell PowerEdge 17502010-01-08
DELLDell PowerEdge 1655MC Blade Server10/31/2016
DELLDell PowerEdge 16502008-01-09
DELLDell PowerEdge 16502008-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 15502007-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 15502007-01-07
DELLDell PowerEdge 1400SC2007-01-07
DELLDell PowerConnect 2824 24 port Ethernet Switch01/31/2020
DELLDell PowerConnect 2724 24 Port Gb Ethernet Switch11/19/2015
DELLDell Equallogic PS6010XV06/26/2019
DELLDell Equallogic PS6010X06/26/2019
DELLDell Equallogic PS6010E06/26/2017
DELLDell Equallogic PS6000XV2018-11-11
DELLDell Equallogic PS6000X2018-11-11
DELLDell Equallogic PS6000E2016-11-11
DELLDell Equallogic PS5500E08/19/2014
DELLDell Equallogic PS5000XV08/19/2014
DELLDell Equallogic PS5000X08/19/2014
DELLDell Equallogic PS5000E08/19/2014
DELLDell EqualLogic PS4000x
DELLDell Equallogic PS4000E2016-10-10
DELLDell Equallogic PS100E04/18/2013
DELLCompellent SC80002022-03-03
DELLCompellent SC 402001/30/2023


Third party maintenance for Dell End-of-Life (EOL) and Dell End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)


DC Parts has analyzed over 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and has shown us that 40-60% of these customers' equipment operate beyond the end of support dates.

There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure. When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make big savings.


How can we help:


We offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most affordable way, without compromising their performance. 

Contact DC Parts and we will help you better optimize your IT investment


Call our product team at + 011 3022 4694-XNUMX or send an email to:


All the hardware in the DC Parts is fully tested, guaranteed and comes with a 90-day warranty. Above all, we will support you before, during and after the sale.


Product Experience:

In other words, we know how important it is that you get the product you need to meet your needs. In addition, we have a sales team and agile logistics to make the shortest possible delivery times possible.

Sending proposals within 2 business days, experimenting with data centers and integrators and we always try to get the best price.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about compatibility, condition or the best product available for your need.

Our website represents only a fraction of the pieces we work with. But you can contact your complete requirements or equipment lists.

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