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Dell PowerEdge FC830 CTO Blade


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Warranty: 3 months

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Dell PowerEdge FC830 CTO Blade - With warranty and technical service for installation or support.



Dell PowerEdge FC830 CTO Blade - With warranty and technical service for installation or support.

A DC Parts is a distributor of new and refurbished DEL equipment and accessories. Our technology experts can help you select and configure the right DELL blade solution for your specific data needs. Like all of our equipment, DELL blades are fully tested, so you can count on worry-free service for many years. And, if necessary, our team of certified engineers is on hand to provide support for any problems you may have. If you would like to speak to a representative about DELL equipment offerings, please contact contact us


Dell PowerEdge FC830 CTO Blade Server Product Description

Powerful 4-socket server with dense computing, memory scalability and a highly expandable storage subsystem, the Dell PowerEdge FC830 is designed for data centers that demand the performance and reliability required by enterprise applications.

With powerful processors, huge memory and highly scalable I / O capabilities, the Dell PowerEdge FC830 Blade excels at running a wide range of mission-critical database-based applications for midsize and large businesses, such as resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Combining exceptional performance and data access capabilities, the FC830 is also ideal for the database layer of web technology and HPC environments or large-scale virtualization.


Flexible, scalable, powerful

Equipped with up to four 5-core Intel Xeon E4600-4 v22 processors, each FC830 has 48 DIMMs, 16 x 1,8 inches or eight 2,5-inch front access units, a selected dual port network adapter (SNA) 10 GB and access to four PCI Express (PCIe) expansion slots on the shared chassis.

Adapt infrastructure to work

Build an infrastructure that is tailored to your unique IT requirements. The FC830 provides flexible virtualization with high VM density and highly scalable features for consolidating large or performance-demanding VMs, and also offers a rich set of storage options, including the PowerEdge FD332 storage block, which provides up to 16 direct connection units

The efficiency of shared infrastructure

The FC830 servers are housed in the FX2 enclosure, a 2U converged platform that offers the density of a blade architecture with the simplicity and cost benefits of rack-based systems - all in a compact modular design. FX2 offers efficiency through shared power, cooling, networking and management, as well as PCIe slots and I / O module options that enable any style of storage - DAS, SAN or NAS.

The right size for your IT

Quickly and efficiently add features to the chassis at the single block level or add one or more fully loaded 2U enclosures. A single FX2 with two FC830 servers, scales up to 176 cores, 96 memory DIMMs and 32 storage units on the server so you can readily customize your infrastructure with the right power, storage and connectivity to meet your unique business needs.



Options Technical specification
Form factor Full-width - supports up to 2 sleds by PowerEdge FX2 enclosure
Dimensions W: 48.8 cm (19.2 in)
D: 37.6cm (14.8in)
H: 5.1 cm (2 in)
Processor Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 v4 product family
Sockets Processor: 4
Cache: 2.5MB per core; core options: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22
Chipset: Intel C610 series
memory1 Up to 1.5TB (48 DIMM slots): 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB DDR4 up to 2400MT / s
I / O mezzanine cards Access to 4 x PCIe 3.0 (x8) expansion slots, (up to 8 for certain configurations)
RAID controllers Internal controllers: PERC S130 (RAID SW), PERC H330, PERC H730, PERC H730P
primary storage Hot-plug hard drive options:
PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe, SATA HDD / SSD or SAS HDD / SSD
Up to 16 x 1.8 ″ SSD or 8 x 2.5 ″
Optional adapters Optional NICs and HBAs
Power supplies Chassis level - PowerEdge FX2 hot-plug PSU: 2000W or 1600W AC in 1 + 1 redundant or 2 + 0 non-redundant configurations
Video card Video type Matrox® G200 (integrated with iDRAC8)
Video memory: 16MB shared with iDRAC8 application memory
systems management • FX uses Chassis Management Controller (CMC) to manage all resources (server nodes and shared infrastructure) in a single web console
• OpenManage portfolio for FX supports local and remote management, consistent with other PowerEdge products
• CMC and iDRAC are available with either Enterprise or Express licensing to best suit specific management needs
• Server nodes each contain proven iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller for agent-free, automated systems management
Operating systems Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux
VMware® ESX®
For more information on the specific versions and editions, visit



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Third party maintenance for DELL End-of-Life (EOL) and DELL End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)

A DC Parts made an analysis on more than 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and showed us that 40-60% of the equipment of these customers operate beyond the end dates of support.

There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure. When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make big savings.

How can we help:

We offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most affordable way, without compromising their performance.

Blade DELL locations

DC Parts provides DELL shield rental for a convenient and affordable solution to a range of data center problems, such as seasonal spikes and data center relocation. We work to combine the right approach with the right equipment to suit your custom DELL Storage and Blade rental needs. With a highly trained team of certified engineers ready to solve any problems, DC Parts is uniquely qualified to serve you. If you would like to speak to a representative about DELL machine rental enter in contact us.


DELL Blades Support

Support services DC Parts provide support for DELL equipment. We work to combine the right approach with the right equipment to meet your DELL equipment support needs. With a highly trained team of certified engineers ready to solve any problems with DELL equipment, the DC Parts is uniquely qualified to serve you. If you would like to speak with a representative about purchasing DELL equipment support, contact us. The DC Parts helps companies of all sizes better manage their IT data centers by providing third-party support services to leading equipment manufacturers, including: IBM, HPE, Dell EMC, Oracle Sun, Cisco and much more. With support DC Parts, we manage all your hardware, between the manufacturers through a link. Support from DC Parts offers flexible service level agreements, certified engineering support teams and dedicated customer service representatives. Extend the life and value of your IT assets. Contact DC Parts support immediately.

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