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    Dell PowerEdge MX840c CTO Compute Sled Blade

    MX840c CTO

    Warranty: 3 months

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    Dell PowerEdge MX840c CTO Compute Sled Blade - With warranty and technical service for installation or support.



    Dell PowerEdge MX840c CTO Compute Sled Blade - With warranty and technical service for installation or support.

    A DC Parts is a distributor of new and refurbished DEL equipment and accessories. Our technology experts can help you select and configure the right DELL blade solution for your specific data needs. Like all of our equipment, DELL blades are fully tested, so you can count on worry-free service for many years. And, if necessary, our team of certified engineers is on hand to provide support for any problems you may have. If you would like to speak to a representative about DELL equipment offerings, please contact contact us


    Dell PowerEdge MX840c CTO Compute Sled Blade Server Product Description

    The DellPowerEdge MX840c blade server, designed for the PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure ecosystem, provides dense four-socket computing, memory and storage for the modern data center.

    Powerful and flexible, four-socket dual-width computing sled powered by up to four scalable 2nd generation 28-core Intel Xeon processors. PowerEdge MX840c features a large memory footprint with up to 48 DDR4 DIMMs. It supports up to eight SAS / SATA (HDD / SDD) or Express Flash NVMe PCIe 2,5-inch drives. The PowerEdge MX7000 chassis supports up to four MX840c servers.

    • Exceptionally wide memory configuration capabilities of up to 3 TB (RDIMM) or 6,1 TB (LRDIMM); supports up to 192GB NVDIMM for large applications in memory
    • Supports up to 24 Intel OptaneTM DC DCPMM persistent memory slots (12,2 TB) with a maximum total capacity of 15,36 TB per server
    • Choice of optional M.2 boot optimized storage solution (BOSS) or Internal dual microSD module (IDSDM), to optimize the operating system and data storage
    • Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD option for high performance direct connect storage requirements


    Simplify management and automate intelligently

    All PowerEdge servers feature the Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) 9 integrated and agentless integrated with Lifecycle Controller (LC) to simplify the management of server systems. Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise - Modular Edition (OME-Modular) provides comprehensive system management within the PowerEdge MX7000 server chassis. Offering important OpenManage Enterprise systems management skills, the OME-Modular unified Web / RESTful API interface manages the entire PowerEdge MX environment, including computer, storage and network.

    • Deploy, monitor, manage, configure, update, troubleshoot, and fix Dell EMC servers from anywhere, regardless of the operating system or the presence or state of the hypervisor.
    • Accelerate system management performance with an enhanced iDRAC9 processor, up to four times better performance than the previous generation.


    Lay the foundation for the modern data center

    Designed for Dell EMC's PowerEdge MX kinetic infrastructure ecosystem, the PowerEdge MX840c server, with dense computing, exceptionally large memory capacity and highly expandable storage subsystem, offers the flexibility and agility needed in today's demanding shared resource environments.

    • Double width; up to four sleds per PowerEdge MX7000 chassis.
    • Two or four scalable second-generation Intel Xeon processors with up to 28 cores per sled, up to 448 cores per chassis.
    • Up to 48 DDR4 DIMM slots, maximum memory of 6 TB and speeds up to 2933MT / s; up to 192 DIMMS per chassis for up to 24,5 TB of maximum memory.
    • Supports up to 24 DIMM slots for Intel Optane DC DCPMM persistent memory (12,2 TB) with a maximum total capacity of 15,36 TB per server.
    • Up to eight 2,5 "drive bays for SAS / SATA (HDD / SDD) and NVMe PCIe SSD support plus optional M.2 boot. 


    Configure dynamically to optimize workload performance and efficiency

    The PowerEdge MX architecture disaggregates and reallocates resources in a granular manner, maximizing utilization, minimizing over-provisioning and idle infrastructure. The fully configurable PowerEdge MX840c without compromising computing maximizes scalability to improve performance and workload optimization.

    • Scale computing resources with scalable, second-generation Intel Xeon processors and fine-tune performance based on your unique workload requirements.
    • Flexible memory configurations with capacities from 8 GB to 6 TB; RDIMMs and LRDIMMs for reduced memory loading and higher density.
    • Large, high-performance onboard storage area with twice as many HDD drives per computing medium.



    OptionsPowerEdge MX840c Technical specification
    ProcessorTwo or four 2nd Generation Intel ™ Xeon ™ Scalable Processors, up to 28 colors per processor
    Intel® C628 Chipset with optional Intel® QuickAssist Technology
    Memory48 DIMM slots in total; supports DDR4 RDIMMs, LRDIMMs; up to 2933 MT / s speeds,
    3TB maximum (RDIMM), 6TB maximum (LRDIMM)
    Persistent Memory12 DIMM slots support NVDIMM-N; up to 2933 MT / s, 192GB maximum
    Supports up to 24 slots for Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory DCPMM (12.2TB) with a maximum
    total capacity of 15.36TB per server
    ControllersInternal controllers: S140 Software RAID, HBA330 Internal SAS HBA, PERC H730P Adapter,
    PERC H745P Adapter, HBA330 mini-mezzanine SAS HBA
    Internal boot options: Choice of optional Boot Optimized Storage Solution (BOSS) (2 X M.2 SDDs) or
    Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM)
    Drive BaysFront: Up to 8 x 2.5 ”SAS / SATA (HDD / SDD) or NVMe PCIe SSD
    Power SuppliesMX7000 chassis: up to 6 3000W; PSU and grid redundancy support
    Happy fansMX7000 chassis: 5 rear and 4 front-accessible hot-swap fans
    Dimensions (LxWxD)610.39mm (24.03 inches) x 250.2mm (9.8 inches) x 85.5mm (3.37 inches)
    Embedded mgmtMX7000 chassis: OpenManage Enterprise Modular Edition (OME-Modular);
    up to 2 redundant MX9002m management modules
    Unified control: single management point for server, storage and networking
    Intelligent automation: Operational template methodology and comprehensive RESTful API
    Quick Sync 2 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / wireless module
    On compute sled:
    As every other PowerEdge server, the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) 9 with
    Lifecycle Controller (LC)
    iDRAC Direct
    iDRAC RESTful API with Redfish
    OpenManage ™ SWOpenManage Enterprise
    OpenManage Essentials
    OpenManage Mobile (OMM)
    OpenManage Power Center (OMPC)
    Integrations & ConnectionsIntegrations:
    Microsoft® System Center
    VMware® vCenter ™
    BMC Software (available from BMC)
    Ansible by Red Hat
    Nagios Core and Nagios XI
    Oracle Enterprise Manager
    Microfocus Operations Manager (OM) and
    Operations Manager i (OMi)
    IBM Tivoli Netcool / OMNIbus
    SecurityTPM 1.2 / 2.0 (optional)
    Cryptographically signed firmware
    Silicon Root of Trust
    Secure Boot
    System Lockdown (requires OpenManage Enterprise)
    System Erase
    Embedded NIC 
    Networking Options (NDC)MX7000 chassis Fabric options: up to 2 pair redundant general purpose switch or pass-through modular bays
    (Fabrics A and B); redundant pair of storage specific switch bays (Fabric C)
    Up to 25Gbe, 32Gbps Fiber Channel, 12Gbps SAS
    GPU Options 
    Front Ports1 USB 3.0 port external port
    Internal Ports1 x USB 3.0 internal port
    VideoIntegrated VGA controller in iDRAC, VGA over LAN
    PCIe4 PCIe 3.0 x 16 mezzanine slots (Fabric A and B)
    2 PCIe 3.0 x 16 mini-mezzanine slots (Fabric C)
    OSCanonical® Ubuntu® Server LTS
    Citrix Hypervisor TM
    Microsoft Windows Server® with Hyper-V
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux
    SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
    VMware® ESXi®
    For specifications and interoperability details,
    see Dell.com/OSsupport.
    OEM-readyFrom bezel to BIOS to packaging, your servers can look and feel as if they were designed and built by you.
    For more information, visit Dell.com/OEM.
    Recommended supportDell ProSupport Plus for critical systems or Dell ProSupport for premium hardware and software support for your
    PowerEdge solution. Consulting and deployment offerings are also available. Contact your Dell representative today
    for more information. Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region.
    For more information, visit Dell.com/itlifecycleservices.
    Dell Financial ServicesDeliver results with easy financing. Explore financial options that move at the speed of business.
    For more information, visit Dellemc.com/global-financial-services.




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