The IBM Storwize V3700 is an enterprise storage system designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses as well as branch offices of larger companies. Launched by IBM, it offers a combination of performance, efficiency and ease of management.

Key features of the IBM Storwize V3700 include:

1. **Scalable performance**: Ability to handle varied workloads, from business-critical applications to virtualization environments.

2. **Connectivity Flexibility**: Support for multiple connectivity options, including Fiber Channel, iSCSI and SAS, enabling integration into a variety of IT environments.

3. **Advanced storage features**: Including thin provisioning, snapshots, remote and local replication, and data encryption for additional protection.

4. **Simplified management**: Intuitive management interface that makes it easy to configure, monitor and maintain the storage system.

5. **Storage Efficiency**: Features like deduplication and compression help optimize storage usage and reduce overall costs.

In summary, the IBM Storwize V3700 offers a comprehensive storage solution that balances performance, advanced functionality, and ease of management, making it an attractive option for midsize businesses with data storage needs.

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