FlashSystem 7200

The IBM FlashSystem 7200 is a high-performance all-flash storage solution designed for mission-critical enterprise workloads. With up to 1PB capacity and up to 21GB/s bandwidth, this system offers scalability and efficiency to meet ever-evolving data storage needs. Compatible with IBM solid-state disks, this solution is ideal for companies that demand reliable, high-performance storage for their mission-critical applications. Also check out the compatible equipment available at DC Parts for maximum performance and efficiency in your data storage environment.

The IBM FlashSystem 7200 combines the performance of flash and end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology, the advanced capabilities of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™, and AI predictive and proactive storage management Storage Insights™ support—all in a powerful, lightning-fast, enterprise-class 2U all-flash storage array. Providing capacity-intensive, data-driven multicloud storage, the FlashSystem 9100 lets you easily add the multicloud solutions that best support your business.

The IBM FlashSystem 7200 is optimized for NVMe, with support for NVMe over fabrics for the highest end-to-end storage performance. NVMe flash drives accelerate workloads and reduce storage latency to accelerate application performance and business productivity. IBM FlashCore innovations include a hardware-accelerated NVM architecture and advanced flash management features that not only increase flash endurance, but also accelerate performance and reduce latency.

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