The NetApp FAS9000 is a robust, scalable data storage solution ideal for businesses looking for high performance and reliability. With capacity for up to 576 disks and support for various storage protocols such as FC, iSCSI and NAS, the FAS9000 offers the versatility to meet the needs of many applications. At DC Parts, you can find compatible equipment such as SAS disks and storage controllers to ensure the best performance and reliability of your NetApp FAS9000 storage system.

Powered by NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, we can help you create a simple, secure, and reliable storage infrastructure. NetApp FAS Storage Arrays offer customers a balance of performance and capacity.

NetApp FAS9000 specifications below
Modular design for optimal serviceability and availability, making it ideal for large, consolidated environments.

Flexibly adapt to evolving business needs
Provision storage in minutes.
Go from initial activation to delivering data in less than 10 minutes with provisioning for key business applications.

Simplify ongoing management.
Update software or service storage during normal business hours with no downtime.

Simplify operations.
Enjoy a unified system for SAN and NAS with proven storage efficiency.

Safeguard and secure your data in your hybrid cloud
Local and public clouds, we've got you covered
Start small and scale non-disruptively as your data requirements grow, on premises and in the cloud.

The Best Cloud Integration
Easily connect to the cloud with leading integration with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more.

Prevent problems before they affect your business
Optimize your storage environment and reduce costs with predictive analytics and proactive care from NetApp ® Active IQ® .

Customer proven for diverse workloads
Protect your confidential information
Protect your data at rest and in transit with our portfolio of security features.

Protect against data loss
Efficiently replicate data and accelerate recovery with application-consistent data protection.

Eliminate business interruptions
Maintain access to data at all times during on-site service, failures and disasters.

Customer-proven real-world results
The IDC whitepaper validates that NetApp customers achieve six nines availability.

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