The NetApp FAS8200A is a high-performance, scalable storage solution ideal for businesses that need reliable, flexible storage. Compatible with 2,5″ and 3,5″ SAS and SATA disks, this device can be configured with up to 24 disk drives and supports different types of connectivity, including SAS, Fiber Channel, iSCSI and FCoE. At DC Parts, you will find all compatible equipment to maximize the performance and efficiency of your NetApp FAS8200A.

NetApp FAS8200A Filer Head Storage Array

The FAS8200A hybrid storage systems are specifically designed to meet these needs. Powered by NetApp ONTAP data management software, the FAS8200 unifies your SAN and NAS storage infrastructure. When FAS8200 systems are teamed with NetApp AFF all-flash arrays and integrated into the cloud, you have the control to easily move your data to where your business needs it and place it in the storage environment that offers the best combination of data performance. flash, storage capacity and cost efficiency. With proven agility and data management capabilities, the FAS8200A has the flexibility to keep up with changing business needs while meeting key IT requirements. Provision storage in minutes.
Go from initial activation to delivering data in less than 10 minutes with provisioning for key business applications.

EOS: 30/11/2026

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