The Dell EMC VNX 5600 is a highly efficient and scalable networked storage system capable of handling intense and demanding workloads. With support for hard disk drives and solid state drives, it offers a storage capacity of up to 1,5 PB. In addition, dual-controller architecture and redundant power supplies provide high availability to ensure business continuity. Supporting a wide range of applications and operating systems, the VNX 5600 is a trusted choice for companies that need performance, scalability and availability in their storage environment. Find parts and components for your Dell EMC VNX 5600 at DC Parts.
– 15 x 3,5″, 25 x 2,5″, 60 x 3,5″ and 120 x 2,5″
– 3,5″ and 2,5″ SAS/NL-SAS/Flash
– RAID 0/1/3/5/6/10
– Fiber Channel (FC)
- Maximum 500 disk drives
The EMC VNX5600 Series unified storage system offers uncompromising scalability and flexibility for mid-range applications, while delivering industry-leading simplicity and efficiency to minimize total cost of ownership. Using a modular architecture, the VNX5600 integrates block, file and object hardware components with concurrent support for native NAS, iSCSI, Fiber Channel and FCoE protocols. The VNX5600 provides file (NAS) functionality through 1-4 Data Movers and block storage (iSCSI, FCoE and FC) through dual storage processors leveraging the full 6Gbps SAS disk drive topology.

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