Why perform data center equipment maintenance?

There are several challenges related to the maintenance of a data center, including having a very specific infrastructure that requires constant actions to operate.

We share some good reasons to carry out the hardware maintenance and other equipment in your data processing center.

Read until the end and understand the main points that need to be considered in maintenance.

Cost reduction

invest in data center equipment maintenance will bring cost savings to the company.

Considering that in most situations, the acquisition of new machines can be replaced by repair and upgrade services, in addition to any replacement of parts.

Extend the life of your IT infrastructure

Another benefit of keeping your data center equipment up to date is prolonging the life of your IT infrastructure.

When the company uses a local data center, there are several maintenance to guarantee, related to energy, temperature, access, among others.

Therefore, it is necessary to indicate actions that help in the maintenance and life extension of the entire data center infrastructure.

Regarding the equipment, an essential point is to follow the warranty offered by the suppliers, which normally lasts 5 years.

As is well known, maintaining hardware warranty is an important factor in prolonging the life of the data center infrastructure. On the other hand, contracting directly with manufacturers can raise costs.

Extend equipment life

Thinking about these situations, in which companies have equipment with a warranty that is about to expire or expired, it is essential to think about the extension of its useful life.

In this sense, maintenance with the purchase of outsourced guarantees is recommended, which, in addition to extending the useful life of the machines, will guarantee savings for companies that can reach 60% of the amount charged by manufacturers.

Furthermore, DC Parts specializes in extending the use of hardware and other data center equipment and offers warranty on all of its services.

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IBM server maintenance

A DC Parts performs the maintenance of Data Center equipment from the largest companies in the market, including IBM.

Supporting and maintaining IBM servers, DC Parts becomes key to prolonging the useful life of your company's equipment and also ensuring cost reduction.

Some of the services your company finds when hiring IBM server maintenance are:

  • Expert engineer support
  • Technical diagnostics and server repair
  • Maintenance of current and end-of-life IBM equipment
  • spare parts
  • Data and platform migration

Count on DC Parts!

The professionals of DC Parts offer complete customer support, from parts replacement and complete maintenance of data center equipment.

All hardware is tested and has a warranty for the customer, even after a period no longer met by the manufacturer.



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