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    Is your NetApp hardware at the end of its service life (End of Service Life)? This is not a problem, DC parts can help you.


    When is a NetApp device coming or is it already at the end of its useful life (End of Service Life)? In other words, it means that NetApp will no longer provide technical support or maintenance for your hardware.

    It may seem that you only have two options: upgrade to newer equipment or take on the heavy burden of troubleshooting, saving and fixing EOSL equipment. However, there are better options that you should consider.

    In conclusion, we make it easy to find the latest end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOSL) information for your NetApp equipment. In other words, allowing you to extend the support cycle and maximize the value of your hardware, saving 30 to 40% over the NetApp contract.

    If you have storage or any other piece of equipment that NetApp no ​​longer provides support. Enter in contact us, that we can help extend the life of your NetApp equipment.


    NetApp End of Service Life Models


    MakerMKTG P / NBasic descriptionEnd of life
    NetAppV6210A-CHASSIS-INT-R6  V6210A, CHASSIS, NO CNTLR, INTERNAL USE, R6 01/06/2021
    NetAppV6240A-CHASSIS-INT-R6  V6240A, CHASSIS, NO CNTLR, INTERNAL USE, R6 01/06/2021
    NetAppV6280A-CHASSIS-INT-R6  V6280A, CHASSIS, NON CNTLR, INTERNAL USE, R6 01/06/2021
    NetAppE-X5680A-QS-R6  Enclosure, 4U- 60, DE6600, Empty, 2PS, QS 14/12/2023
    NetAppE-X5681A-QS-R6  Enclosure, 2U- 24, DE5600, Empty, 2PS, QS 14/12/2023
    NetAppE-X5682A-B1-QS-R6  Enclosure, 2U- 12, DE1600, Empty, 2x585W PSU, B1, QS 28/02/2023
    NetAppX6220-EN-R6  Chassis, FAS6220 With AC PS, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppX6221-EN-R6  Chassis, V6220 With AC PS, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppX6222-EN-R6  Chassis, FAS6250 With AC PS, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppX6223-EN-R6  Chassis, V6250 With AC PS, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppX6224-EN-R6  Chassis, FAS6290 With AC PS, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppX6225-EN-R6  Chassis, V6290 With AC PS, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppX6231-R6 Chassis, Empty, FAS8020 31/01/2023
    NetAppX6232-R6 Chassis, Empty, FAS8040 / 8060/8080 31/01/2023
    NetAppX3103-R5  FAS3170, Chassis, AC PS, R5 31/03/2017
    NetAppX6233-R6  Chassis, Empty, AFF8080CC 31/12/2022
    NetAppSP-3249A-R5  PCM, FAS2020, W / MEM 30/06/2017
    NetAppSP-3249B-R5  PCM, FAS2020, W / MEM, W / O BATTERY 30/06/2017
    NetAppX3249A-R5  FAS2020, PCM, with MEM 30/06/2017
    NetAppX3249B-R5  PCM, FAS2020, W / MEM, W / O BATTERY 30/06/2017
    NetAppSP-3244A-R5  PCM, FAS2040, MEM 31/12/2017
    NetAppSP-3244B-R5 PCM, FAS2040, W / MEM, W / O BATTERY 31/12/2017
    NetAppX3244B-R5  FAS2040, PCM, W / MEM, W / O BATTERY 31/12/2017
    NetAppX3244A-R5 FAS2040, PCM, with MEM 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3248A-R5 PCM, FAS2050, W / MEM 30/06/2016
    NetAppSP-3248B-R5 PCM, FAS2050, W / MEM, W / O BATTERY 30/06/2016
    NetAppX3248A-R5 FAS2050, PCM, with MEM 30/06/2016
    NetAppX3248B-R5  PCM, FAS2050, W / MEM, W / O BATTERY 30/06/2016
    NetAppSP-FAS250-BASE-3240 PCM, FAS250, W / MEM 30/11/2013
    NetAppX3240B-R5  PCM, FAS250, W / MEM 30/11/2014
    NetAppX3245B-R5  PCM, W / Memory, FAS270 30/06/2017
    NetAppSP-3245 PCM, FAS270, W / MEM 30/11/2013
    NetAppSP-3245B-R5 PCM, FAS270, W / MEM 30/11/2013
    NetAppSP-FAS270-BASE-3245 PCM, FAS270, W / MEM 30/11/2013
    NetAppSP-3540-R5 BASE, 3140, Motherboard, W / O Memory 31/03/2017
    NetAppX3540-R5 PCM, No Memory, 3140 31/03/2017
    NetAppSP-3541-R5 PCM, 3170, W / O MEM 31/03/2017
    NetAppX3541-R5 PCM, No Memory, 3170 31/03/2017
    NetAppSP-3543-R6 PCM, No Memory, 3210 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3543-R6 PCM, No Memory, 3210 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3544-R6 PCM, No Memory, 3240 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3544-R6 PCM, No Memory, 3240 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3650-R6 PCM, No Memory, 3270, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3650-R6 PCM, No Memory, 3270, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3943A-R5 PCM, RevA, Middle, No Memory, 6040 30/04/2017
    NetAppX3948-R5 PCM, 6070, High, W / O Mem 01/06/2014
    NetAppFAS6210-CNTLR-INT-R6 FAS6210, CNTLR, INTERNAL USE, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3553-R5  PCM FAS6210 Value No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3553-R6 PCM FAS6210 Value No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3553-R6 PCM, FAS6210 No Memory 31/12/2018
    NetAppFAS6240-CNTLR-INT-R6 FAS6240, CNTLR, INTERNAL USE, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3554-R5  PCM FAS6240 Low No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3554-R6 PCM, FAS6240 No Memory 31/12/2018
    NetAppFAS6280-CNTLR-INT-R6 FAS6280, CNTLR, INTERNAL USE, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3555-R5  PCM FAS6280 Mid No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3555-R6 PCM, FAS6280 No Memory 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3930A High MB, No Mem, FAS9XX  
    NetAppX3920A Mid MB, No Mem, FAS9XX   
    NetAppX3920B MTHRBRD, FAS940, 2.0GHz, Mid, W / O Mem   
    NetAppX3930B MTHRBRD, FAS960, 2.4GHz, High, W / O Mem   
    NetAppX3940A MTHRBRD, FAS980, W / O MEM   
    NetAppX3940A-R5  MTHRBRD, FAS980, W / O MEM 04/03/2013
    NetAppSP-3946-R5 PCM, FAS3050, HIGH, W / O MEM 04/12/2012
    NetAppX3770C  F840 / C6100 Motherboard, No Mem 05/06/2011
    NetAppX3772C  F810 / F820 / C3100 Mbd in Mem 05/06/2011
    NetAppSP-3330  SYSTEM BOARD, F330, NO MEMORY 08/10/2004
    NetAppSP-3355  SPARE KIT, FIRMWARE, F200 / F300, 1.9_ i 08/10/2004
    NetAppX3947-R5  PCM, C2300 / C3300, W / O MEM11/12/2011
    NetAppX3880C  F880 motherboard, no MEM 24/06/2004
    NetAppX3942-R5 PCM, 6080, High, W / O MEM 30/04/2017
    NetAppX3942A-R5  PCM, RevA, High, No Memory, 6080 30/04/2017
    NetAppX3943-R5 PCM, 6040, Mid, W / O MEM 30/04/2017
    NetAppSP-3561-R6  PCM, FAS6220 No Memory, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppSP-3562-R6  PCM, FAS6250 No Memory, EN 30/04/2021
    NetAppSP-FAS250-BASE-RETRO FAS250 Motherboard With Memory 30/11/2013
    NetAppSP-3652A-R6  SPARE, PCM, No Memory, FAS3220, R6 31/01/2021
    NetAppSP-3654A-R6  SPARE, PCM, No Memory, FAS3250, R6 31/01/2021
    NetAppX3570-R6 PCM, FAS8080 No Memory 31/01/2023
    NetAppX3945  Motherboard, No Mem, FAS3020 31/10/2019
    NetAppSP-3554-R6 PCM FAS6240 Low No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3555-R6 PCM FAS6280 Mid No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3559-R6 PCM, SA620 No Memory 30/08/2017
    NetAppSP-6143A  Differential Conv, Storage Shelf 1 F / W 08/10/2004
    NetAppSP-6154A  Differential Converter, Storage Shelf2 FW 08/10/2004
    NetAppX580-R5  DSK SHLF, FAS2XX, DS14, MK2, W / O PSU 11/01/2015
    NetAppE-X5682A-QS-R6  Enclosure, 2U- 12, DE1600, Empty, 2PS, QS 14/12/2023
    NetAppX500  Base DS14 w / AC Pwr Suppl 28/02/2009
    NetAppX501 BASE, DS14, W / O PSU 28/02/2009
    NetAppX614  Dual StorageShelf 1, in Drv, FWD 30/04/2004
    NetAppX616  Storage Shelf 1 w / o Drives, FW 30/04/2004
    NetAppX620C  StorageShelf 1, 3x4GB Drv, FW 30/04/2004
    NetAppX621C  StorageShelf 1, 7x4GB Drv, FW 30/04/2004
    NetAppX622C  DualStorgeShlf 1, 6x4GB Drv, FWD 30/04/2004
    NetAppX623C  DualStorgShlf 1, 13x4GB Drv, FWD 30/04/2004
    NetAppX5000A-R5 Storage Shelf, 4U, 24 Drive, Empty 30/07/2017
    NetAppDSX-14.0TB-QS-R5  DS14MK2 SHLF, 14.0TB SATA, QS, R5 30/09/2017
    NetAppX211B  StorageShelf 1, 7x4GB, F220 / F330 30/11/2003
    NetAppX607  StorageShelf 1 w / o Drives, FN 30/11/2003
    NetAppDS4486-144TB-QS-R5  DSK SHLF, 48x3TB, QS 31/01/2019
    NetAppDS4246-0772-24A-QS-R6  DSK SHLF, 24x3.0TB, 7.2K, 6G, QS 31/01/2021
    NetAppX559A-R6  SHELF, EMPTY, 2PSU, AC, DS2246, R6 31/01/2025
    NetAppX568A-R6  SHELF, EMPTY, NO PSU, DS448x, R6 31/03/2024
    NetAppX615B  StorageShelf 2 in Drv, FW 31/07/2004
    NetAppX617  Dual StorageShelf2, FWD, No Drvs 31/07/2004
    NetAppX644B  Storage Shelf 2i W / O Dsk Drv, F 31/07/2004
    NetAppX645  Storage Shelf 2i W / O Dsk Drv 31/07/2004
    NetAppX650B  STORAGESHELF FC8 31/10/2005
    NetAppDS4243-1511-24S-QS-R5  DSK SHLF, 24x450GB, 15K, QS 31/12/2018
    NetAppX562-R5 DS14MK2 AT W / O Power Supply 31/12/2018
    NetAppX565A-R5 DSK SHLF, FAS2020 / 40, W / O PSU 31/12/2018
    NetAppE-X561202A-R6  E5600A, 12GB Controller, 16Gb FC, 4- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppE-X561204A-R6  E5600A, 12GB Cntrlr, 12Gb SAS, 4- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppE-X561206A-R6  E5600A, 12GB Cntrlr, 10Gb ISCSI, 4- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppE-X561209A-R6  E5600A, 12GB Controller, 56Gb IB, 2- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppEF-X561202A-R6  EF560A, 12GB Controller, 16Gb FC, 4- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppEF-X561204A-R6  EF560A, 12GB, Cntrlr, 12Gb SAS, 4- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppEF-X561206A-R6  EF560A, 12GB Cntrlr, 10Gb ISCSI, 4- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppEF-X561209A-R6  EF560A, 12GB, Controller, 56Gb IB, 2- ports, No BBU 14/12/2023
    NetAppE5400A-12GB-R6  E5400A, 12GB Controller, No BBU 15/01/2021
    NetAppE5400A-6GB-R6  E5400A, 6GB Controller, No BBU 15/01/2021
    NetAppE2600-2GB-B1-R6  E2600, Controller, 2GB, No-Batt, Bosch 30/06/2020
    NetAppX3600A-R5  SB1404 FC Switch, CD, w / 2 FC Cables / SFPs, R5 30/10/2012
    NetAppX5512A-R5 ESH4 Module 31/01/2019
    NetAppX90-5512A-R6  ESH4 Module 31/01/2019
    NetAppSP-V3250-CNTLR-R6  SPARE, V3250, CONTROLLER, INTERNAL USE, R6 31/01/2020
    NetAppE2600A-2GB-R6  E2600A, 2GB Controller 31/12/2019
    NetAppX-48788-00-R6  Controller, E5400, 12GB, FC, No Batt, SMID161 31/12/2019
    NetAppE-X551202A-R6  E5500A, 12GB Controller, 16Gb FC, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppE-X551203A-R6  E5500A, 12GB Controller, 6GB SAS, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppE-X551204A-R6  E5500A, 12GB Cntrlr, 12Gb SAS, 4- ports, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppE-X551206A-R6  E5500A, 12GB Controller, 10Gb ISCSI, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppE-X551207A-R6  E5500A, 12GB Controller, 40GB IB, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppE-X551209A-R6  E5500A, 12GB Controller, 56Gb, IB, 2- ports, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppEF-X551202A-R6  EF550A, 12GB, Controller, 16Gb FC, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppEF-X551203A-R6  EF550A, 12GB, Controller, 6Gb SAS, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppEF-X551204A-R6  EF550A, 12GB, Cntrlr, 12Gb SAS, 4- ports, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppEF-X551206A-R6  EF550A, 12GB, Controller, 10Gb ISCSI, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppEF-X551207A-R6  EF550A, 12GB, Controller, 40GB IB, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppEF-X551209A-R6  EF550A, 12GB, Controller, 56Gb IB, 2- ports, No BBU 31/12/2020
    NetAppE-X270400A-R6  E2700A, 4GB Cntl, No HIC, non-iSCSI Optic, No BBU 31/12/2022
    NetAppE-X270406A-R6  E2700A, 4GB Cntrlr, No HIC, iSCSI Optical, No BBU 31/12/2022
    NetAppE-X270800A-R6  E2700A, 8GB Cntl, No HIC, non-iSCSI Optic, No BBU 31/12/2022
    NetAppE-X270806A-R6  E2700A, 8GB Cntrlr, No HIC, iSCSI Optical, No BBU 31/12/2022
    NetAppX3546-R5  PCM, No Memory, V3140, R5 31/03/2017
    NetAppX3547-R5  Motherboard, No Memory, V3160, R5 31/03/2017
    NetAppX3548-R5  PCM, No Memory, V3170, R5 31/03/2017
    NetAppSP-3550-R6 PCM, No Memory, V3210 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3550-R6 PCM, No Memory, V3210 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3551-R6 PCM, No Memory, V3240 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3551-R6 PCM, No Memory, V3240 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3651-R6 PCM, No Memory, V3270, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3651-R6 PCM, No Memory, V3270, R6 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3556-R5  PCM V6210 Value No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppV6210-CNTLR-INT-R6 R6, CNTLR, V6210, INTERNAL USE 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3556-R6 PCM, V6210 No Memory 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3557-R5  PCM V6240 Low No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppV6240-CNTLR-INT-R6 R6, CNTLR, V6240, INTERNAL USE 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3557-R6 PCM, V6240 No Memory 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3558-R5  PCM V6280 Mid No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppSP-3558-R6 PCM V6280 Mid No Mem 31/12/2018
    NetAppV6280-CNTLR-INT-R6 R6, CNTLR, V6280, INTERNAL USE 31/12/2018
    NetAppX3558-R6 PCM, V6280 No Memory 31/12/2018


    Third-party maintenance for NetApp End-of-Life (EOL) and NetApp End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)


    DC Parts has analyzed over 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and has shown us that 40-60% of these customers' equipment operate beyond the end of support dates.

    There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure. When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make big savings.

    How can we help:


    We offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most affordable way, without compromising their performance. 

    Contact DC Parts and we will help you better optimize your IT investment


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    All the hardware in the DC Parts is fully tested, guaranteed and comes with a 90-day warranty. Above all, we will support you before, during and after the sale.


    Product Experience:

    In other words, we know how important it is that you get the product you need to meet your needs. In addition, we have a sales team and agile logistics to make the shortest possible delivery times possible.

    Sending proposals within 2 business days, experimenting with data centers and integrators and we always try to get the best price.

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about compatibility, condition or the best product available for your need.

    Our website represents only a fraction of the pieces we work with. But you can contact your complete requirements or equipment lists.

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