Does your Emulex and Qlogic HBA equipment need parts with warranty and technical service option for installation or support?

Anyone looking for exceptional performance should consider Emulex and Qlogic HBA products, which support a variety of density, performance and service requirements. The hardware from Emulex and Qlogic HBA is the most widely used network equipment for cutting edge applications from companies and service providers.

A DC Parts is a distributor of new and used Emulex and Qlogic equipment. All of our equipment is backed by our warranty and our manufacturer-certified engineers can help you solve any problems, including those related to our impressive new and used Emulex hardware inventory and Qlogic HBA. If you would like to speak to a representative about purchasing Emulex and Qlogic hardware, please contact us.

Third party maintenance for Emulex and Qlogic HBA End-of-Life (EOL) and Emulex and Qlogic HBA End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)

A DC Parts made an analysis on more than 250 customer contracts that use storage, servers, networks and tapes and showed us that 40-60% of the equipment of these customers operate beyond the end dates of support.

There are simple options for you to reduce your expenses and feel more confident about your IT infrastructure. When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment, you can make big savings.

How can we help:

We offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts and understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most affordable way, without compromising their performance. 

Cisco Emulex and Qlogic HBA support

Support services DC Parts provide support for Emulex and Qlogic HBA. We work to combine the right approach with the right equipment to address your Emulex and Qlogic HBA support needs.

With a highly trained team of certified engineers ready to solve any Emulex and Qlogic HBA problems, support DC Parts is uniquely qualified to serve you. If you would like to speak with a representative about purchasing Emulex support and Qlogic HBA, contact us.

The support DC Parts helps companies of all sizes better manage their IT data centers by providing third-party support and maintenance services to leading equipment manufacturers, including: Dell, HPE, Juniper, Brocade, CISCO and more.

With support DC Parts, we manage all your hardware, between the manufacturers through a link. The support DC Parts offers flexible service level agreements, certified engineering support teams and dedicated customer service representatives.