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DC Parts dispels some myths and fears when renewing support for your out-of-warranty IT equipment


Here we will list some myths, problems and needs that we see in many companies with their IT equipment that are guaranteed by the manufacturer to win. And above all, how DC Parts manages to bring benefits to companies with these types of problems.

Manufacturers always want their customers to change their equipment as quickly as possible. In addition, these devices continue to meet the demand that has been dimensioned. 

Analyzing the market, we decided to analyze more than 250 customer contracts that use Data Center equipment. And yet it showed us that 40-60% of the equipment of these customers operate beyond the end of support dates.

Based on that we will list some important points in keeping equipment that are out of line. Above all, having a partner who can keep your entire infrastructure up and running. 


Some myths and fears that many companies have:


  • Some equipment is no longer warranted and damaged parts are no longer manufactured.

  • Companies are afraid to buy independent parts because they do not believe in its quality.

  • Companies believe that these parts can degrade the performance of the equipment and therefore damage it.

  • The cost of replacing a complete piece of equipment is very high.

  • The companies that sell the parts take a long time to respond to a proposal and make the delivery.

  • Sometimes, the purchase requester does not have the necessary knowledge about the equipment and needs guidance.

  • Companies are in urgent need for new parts.

  • When the company buys the part and has no one to install it.

  • There are very difficult parts to find.


Necessity and how DC Parts solves:


  • We have managed to supply new or discontinued spare parts for IT equipment.

  • We tracked and found the most difficult premium parts on the market.

  • In addition, we guarantee the quality and performance of the parts delivered. Because we have trusted distributors in the USA and Europe that we have known for a long time.

  • In other words, we understand and want to contribute to reducing our customers' Capex resource expenditure (capital investments that generate profits).

  • Above all, we respond quickly both in proposals and budgets, and in the delivery of parts.

  • We offer technical support through monitoring of installations and clarification of doubts.

  • We install equipment and purchased parts.


The benefits we offer to our customers:


  • Extend the life of the active infrastructure.

  • Reduce the cost of maintaining the equipment, because after the warranty has passed from 3 to 5 years the cost of an extension is very high. And just like changing a unit in its entirety.

  • Quick solution.

  • Personalized advice.

  • Access to low prices.

  • The best price, when compared to the use of parts and components with manufacturer's warranty.


We offer simple options for you to reduce your expenses. And above all, feel more confident about your IT infrastructure.

When you choose a custom solution to extend the life of your IT equipment. In other words, it manages to make big savings.

At DC Parts, we offer our customers a unique assessment to help analyze their OEM support contracts. 

And understand exactly which devices can be supported in the most accessible way, without compromising their performance. 

In this way the DC Parts brings benefits to companies.

Contact DC Parts and we will help you better optimize your IT investment


Call our product team at + 011 3022 4694-XNUMX or send an email to:


All the hardware in the DC Parts is fully tested, guaranteed and comes with a 90-day warranty. Above all, we will support you before, during and after the sale.


Product Experience:

In other words, we know how important it is that you get the product you need to meet your needs. In addition, we have a sales team and agile logistics to make the shortest possible delivery times possible.

Sending proposals within 2 business days, experimenting with data centers and integrators and we always try to get the best price.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about compatibility, condition or the best product available for your need.

Our website represents only a fraction of the pieces we work with. But you can contact your complete requirements or equipment lists.

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