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IT Third Party Maintenance

With the ever-increasing demand to further increase constrained IT budgets while still maintaining comprehensive and robust services, reducing expenses has become a vital strategy. That said, ensuring that service interruptions are minimal is essential and this poses a challenge for most IT managers and directors.

The lifecycle option to update hardware every 3 to 5 years is no longer the simple choice it used to be, and with vendor support prices rising dramatically for hardware after its end of life (EOL), this raised the question question of what alternative options are available.

The current economic climate has seen a significant increase in the use of Third Party Maintenance (TPM) providers who offer extended support solutions at a greatly reduced rate compared to the vendor. There are a wide variety of options in this market, but how do you decide which TPM to depend on to provide the level of service you need? What guarantees can you get until you put their service to the test?

Contract Flexibility for IT Maintenance

The most reputable TPMs offer support services on short, medium or long term contracts with simplified billing options and provide a variety of SLAs tailored to individual customer needs. Purchasing ongoing support for as long as needed can be a very cost-effective solution for many projects such as migration.

Many of these projects have a high probability of exceeding the planned or scheduled deadline. A short-term, third-party maintenance contract provides warranty and also mitigates that no service problems will cause significant delays.

Cross seller support

Having a single point of contact when there is a service issue can greatly simplify the process of getting the support you need. This can be especially true if there is an issue in an environment where there are multiple platforms interconnected from multiple vendors.

Unbound advice

When and if a customer decides to replace any hardware, access to unbiased technical advice is invaluable. With no quotas to be met, a reliable TPM can ensure the right technical hardware fit for the customer, rather than shoehorning a vendor's preferred technology choice. This can assist in maximizing the value of any investment in new infrastructure as the suggested solution will be focused on specific customer requirements.

No strict time limit

A TPM has no predefined rules about when support for a system will no longer be available. The most likely determining factor will be the availability of replacement parts, which may be available for many years after the manufacturer discontinues support. This can significantly increase your Return on Investment while reducing your overall Total Cost of Ownership.

Dedicated engineers

While a minor field engineering resource may be seen as a disadvantage, having dedicated engineers provides a level of continuity that no vendor can match. Engineers who are familiar with an environment can determine where an actual fault resides and resolve the issue significantly faster.

Even the simplest of knowledge, knowing where a system is located inside a data center or if the engineer is already registered in the security of the site can save time and streamline the process of troubleshooting.

With many IT departments having to deliver a wider range of services while having reduced resources and smaller budgets, ensuring maximum value from any service provider is essential. The priority for many IT managers today is getting the right level of service at the most competitive price.

That said, it's so important to get these services up and running as quickly as possible, as the most expensive resource today is time. Finding a reliable TPM by performing due diligence with references and case studies to mitigate any possible service risks is an absolute priority.

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