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Hardware support and maintenance for multiple vendors


DC Parts offers practical, viable and sustainable extended life support (EOL) options for all major storage manufacturers. We assist customers who currently have storage capacity challenges by providing an economical capacity upgrade solution that still maintains its warranty status. Our capacity upgrade solution can also be implemented if needed for EOL or redeployed systems.

DC Parts offers a proactive and professional approach, but the most important thing is that we understand the meaning of adding continuous value whenever we speak to customers. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with a specific focus on EMC, NetApp, Hitachi (HDS) and growing knowledge on Fujitsu, IBM, DELL, HPE and Cisco storage and network systems. This specific focus, combined with the extensive knowledge base we have, ensures that we can maintain your server and storage systems and keep them running smoothly beyond the manufacturer's end of life (EOSL) date.

By providing organizations with a viable and sustainable alternative option to extend the life of their systems after 'end of life' or 'end of life' announcements, we can help organizations by offering an economical solution for mission critical servers and systems of storage. Our innovative solution significantly reduces your total cost of ownership and also generates a greater return on your initial capital expenditure on IT storage hardware.


Customize your support service


Our team can provide you with the ability to customize an appropriate support and maintenance service solution that meets your current specific requirements. This service gives you the flexibility to pay only for the service you need and the length of time you need it. DC Parts understands that most organizations today can only require specific support services for a certain period of time and does not want to enter into an annual maintenance support contract that they cannot justify just to provide temporary support for a decommissioning migration project. .

DC Parts hardware lifecycle services offer a flexible approach for organizations looking to partially or fully integrate maintenance and support services into their organization for current or historical servers and storage systems. These service levels range from NBD (Next Business Day) to a 24/7 response. Our maintenance and support services range from parts only to telephone and remote support. Our service level pages describe these and other services in detail.



Learn more about our services for each manufacturer


Storages support

Support for Servers, HCI and Blades

Network hardware support

The table below represents, but does not include some of the services that DC Parts can offer.
Our consultants can help you customize a support solution, so that you only pay for the skills and services you need. As an independent provider of maintenance and IT services, DC Parts offers truly economical cost containment solutions. Our goal is to provide viable and alternative options to standard support models.

Hardware spare partsRemote supportOn-site serviceEngineer supportHardware AcquisitionHardware UpgradesHardware rental
Storage xxxxxx
Servers x xxxxx
Hyperconvergence Nutanix
HPE ProLiantxxxxxx
Cisco UCSxxxxxx
Dell PowerEdgexxxxxx
Intel Data Center Blocksxxxxxx

Due to the nature of our business at DC Parts, we have a wide variety of server, IT storage and network parts from multiple vendors. This allows us to distribute parts on short notice to customers worldwide, providing an instant parts replacement service.


The benefit for many customers today is that it is easy to get IT spare parts maintenance support service, which provides an easy and economical way to maintain IT systems on your own. Customers have stated that they have some internal technical resources available to implement a hot swap for a hard drive, but they require a trusted company to provide parts for post-warranty or end-of-life systems that have been tested and come with a replacement warranty.

DC Parts has successfully provided this level of cost containment service for several years and continues to provide parts for customers' multi-vendor environments. Our hardware spare parts support service integrates seamlessly and benefits customers who have decided to choose a temporary period to maintain their IT systems.


Hardware parts support benefits

  • Cost containment solution
  • Viable and sustainable service
  • Parts supply when needed
  • Supporting automated maintenance IT infrastructure environments
  • Reducing operating expenses
  • Short-term parts supply
  • Parts Warranty


Residual value of the asset for your hardware 


Our exclusive hardware support and maintenance service can provide you with the potential to customize a cost-neutral maintenance contract for hardware that is now post-warranty, end of life or end of life (EOL / EOSL). Our service allows customers with hardware to have multiple stages in a lifecycle program, while providing extended maintenance support, regardless of the need for 3,6,9 or even 12 months of support, thereby effectively creating a neutral solution in terms of cost.


Cost reduction in your contract


We allow a cost-neutral maintenance solution to be provided through the residual value on your hardware hardware that we would remove at the end of the agreed maintenance support term. As well as services for secure deactivation and elimination of data according to internal compliance requirements will also be part of the discussion of the hardware lifecycle services program. 

If you don't need a support service, our maintenance service can still benefit you. So we can provide a residual value quote for your IT server and storage hardware and discuss the process of deactivating and deleting data, allowing you to get a much higher return on your initial capital investment. There is no obligation to obtain a quote from DC Parts, but it does allow you to explore whether this service can be viable and beneficial for you.

Find out more by going to contact us.

Whether you're demanding a hardware parts-only maintenance solution for post-warranty systems or legacy end-of-life systems, DC Parts can discuss your needs and provide a suitable parts-only solution that works for you.


Many organizations today have a global presence with offices located in various parts of the world. The requirement to have the ability to provide a hardware parts only solution to your organization's locations to maintain the systems can be an alternative and a more economical way than the method currently employed.

DC Parts can discuss the requirements for your hardware parts only to enable us to understand the geographic locations and hardware systems in place and provide you with a viable solution that meets your specific needs.

This may mean that your solution involves not only providing a cache of spare parts, but also incorporating an element of technical advice or remote assistance. Our goal is to provide a solution that works for you and integrates seamlessly with your current and future needs, without necessarily increasing your current operating expenses.


Hardware replacement features


Most organizations today are asking departments to find ways to reduce overhead. This can range from service automation to reducing the number of employees in a department. The directive, however, remains the same, maintaining or, in some cases, increasing services with fewer resources available to reduce costs.

DC Parts consultants, in collaboration with you, seek to audit and evaluate areas within your IT infrastructure where you are able to use a combined IT resource to provide an economical workaround to reduce operational overhead for server and storage systems. than the methods you can currently use employing.

Our goal is to provide organizations with alternative options to conventional practices that may exist today, without exposure to an increased risk of the service. DC Parts hardware lifecycle services offer a flexible approach for organizations looking to partially or fully integrate maintenance and support or professional services into their organization for current or historical servers and storage systems.

Sometimes we look for a solution to remedy our immediate maintenance support challenge, but the requirement we’re looking for may be for a small percentage of what a full support contract would provide. The difficulty is justifying the expense of a comprehensive maintenance contract when you have the internal technical resources. DC Parts solves this challenge by being able to provide specific hardware parts for platforms, service desk and remote support contracts only.


DC Parts specializes in support services for server and storage maintenance and understands that organizations today are not only looking for rigid annual support contracts without flexibility, but quite the opposite. We understand that most organizations can have some degree of internal technical resources at their disposal.

The flexibility for short-term maintenance support contracts to cover a variety of projects or find a maintenance support provider who can provide specific legacy end-of-life support at various points in the life cycle of an IT infrastructure can be valuable .

Getting constant customer feedback is important and valuable for DC Parts. It allows us to identify and extend our service to new existing and potential customers and recognizes that we have listened. The feedback we receive from our customers is that continuity of engineering, initial correction for service resolution, hardware parts and immediate access to third-line technical resources are critical.


Maintenance Support Services

The overall task of managing maintenance and support contracts can be an expensive and time-consuming task, especially if your IT infrastructure has grown due to the need. The gradual growth of IT can bring its own challenges, which sometimes, if left unchecked, can cause systems to inadvertently become unsupported. DC Parts can work with you to help and slowly bring these systems under a major maintenance service contract by the systems pro-rata to co-terminate on a specific date chosen to be in accordance with new support contract dates. manufacturers.

Main benefits of DC Parts hardware maintenance service

  • Global availability of spare parts
  • Pro-rata co-termination support dates
  • Operational savings
  • Support solutions based on short-term projects
  • IT decommissioning
  • Data erasure
  • ARV Service
  • Professional services
  • Hardware Audits
  • Data / platform migrations
  • Hardware Acquisition
  • IT hardware removal / relocation
  • IT hardware rental
  • Consulting
  • DMR (digital media retention)
  • Spare hardware cache on site
  • System email alert configuration
  • Technical support desk

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