Hardware maintenance: solution to global chip shortage

extend to life of electronic equipment is key in these high prices caused by chip shortages. And this issue is even more delicate when we look at data centers and storage.

These are IT assets that, in the event of instabilities and/or definitive failures, can mean very high financial losses. Precisely for this reason, companies change their equipment with a certain frequency, spending more than necessary.

In this article, you will see that the hardware maintenance, when done by experts, is key to keeping your IT infrastructure running, with guarantee and at a much more affordable cost. Keep reading!

Quick overview of chip shortages

The pandemic has affected absolutely every sector of the world economy, so it is nothing new to blame it for any sectoral crisis. But we have to agree that several sectors have seen their demands explode.

In February 2020, for example, a French mask manufacturer used to deliver 170 million units per annum faced an unexpected demand of 500 million only in those first 2 months.

High demand for masks. But no worries, as there are many factories of different companies in the sector scattered around the world. In addition, the manufacturing complexity is low, which reduces scale friction.

However, the electronics sector was another that exploded, due to the home office. From one month to the next, many people had to buy not only a computer, but also a webcam and microphone. And all electronics have chips.

The problem: just one company, TSMC, makes 84% ​​of the world's semiconductors2. It uses a 180-ton machine called the Twinscan, which is also only supplied by one company, ASML3. The technology is so improved that Intel, AMD, Samsung and Apple cannot copy it. They are TSMC customers.

And with social isolation, factories practically stopped.

In other words, there was an increase in demand proportional to the drastic reduction in production capacity. As the entire industry converges into a single company, chip shortages arise.

Hardware maintenance is the answer to chip shortages in data centers

When we talk about Data Centers, we are talking about an immense responsibility. It is something that simply cannot malfunction, at the risk of system failures, dissatisfied customers, partners unable to work and so on.

So, the probability of a piece of equipment shorting out and putting other parts at risk must be zero. That's why OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) want the company to buy new models as they come out.

But with the shortage of chips, prices are getting higher. This translates into loss for many organizations.

It turns out that, through hardware maintenance done by third-party experts, the same predictability about equipment integrity is possible. It becomes much more advantageous to replace certain parts than to replace entire equipment that had no failures.

Benefits of hiring hardware maintenance from DC Parts

A DC Parts has a global network of strategic partners, that is, our spare stock is very rich. This brings the following benefits:

  • High availability of parts;
  • You don't have to change entire equipment out of warranty, as our maintenance extends the life cycle of your company's IT assets;
  • Data centers and storages in full operation for longer and at a reduced cost;
  • Used equipment tested and comes with warranty;

The good news is that your company can trust the performance of refurbished equipment when there is availability of high quality parts and service for the main brands in the market.


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