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Extended Operational Program

A viable alternative to purchasing new hardware is to maintain an existing infrastructure through an Extended Operating Program (EOP) solution. While not a radical alternative, it is an alternative that many organizations are now seriously considering. By choosing to extend the life of your hardware, you are selecting a viable and practical alternative to unnecessary CapEx by purchasing replacement systems. Extend the life of your hardware through a solution DC Parts EOP allows you to maximize return on investment while reducing operating expenses with lower support costs.

Understand the IT hardware lifecycle

We all understand the hardware warranty process. Most organizations have three- and five-year hardware warranty lifecycle programs before considering upgrading their hardware environments. What happens when customers need to extend support over a long period of time and beyond? Manufacturers will provide an end of life (EOL) date for the hardware when production stops. Manufacturers will then move to an End of Primary Support (EOPS) date, when all support will cease, and finally, manufacturers will announce an End of Life (EOSL) date that denotes the deprecated model. The most frequently asked questions during the hardware lifecycle are: what am I entitled to? what level of service can I expect to receive? and, finally, has service risk exposure increased?

The extended operating program of the DC Parts addresses questions or concerns about manufacturer support beyond the initial warranty period leading up to hardware end-of-life dates and beyond. To find out if your hardware has reached or is nearing the manufacturer's end of life, please contact one of our account managers.

Some key points of the extended operating program of DC Parts

  • Significant savings with EOL support from DC Parts compared to vendor support being withdrawn.
  • Work with you to 'bank' any IP, such as firmware, patches and vendor updates to which you are entitled.
  • A digital media retention policy (DMR) as an option.
  • Providing technical support from a dedicated support team.
  • Continuity of hardware support until economically unviable due to the availability of parts.
  • Spare parts for your hardware on site or in some strategic place so when you need it, it's right there at hand.

The involvement with DC Parts can provide the cost savings you may need with an 'Extended Operational Program' (EOP). While this is not unique, we believe that our comprehensive service package exceeds in areas many customers are unable or unlikely to receive from the manufacturer.

Please contact DC Parts and we'll help you better optimize your IT investment


Call our product team at + 011 3022 4694-XNUMX or send an email to: contato@dcparts.com.br


All the hardware in the DC Parts is fully tested, guaranteed and comes with a 90-day warranty. Above all, we will support you before, during and after the sale.

Product Experience:

In other words, we know how important it is that you get the product you need to meet your needs. In addition, we have a sales team and agile logistics to make the shortest possible delivery times possible.

Sending proposals within 2 business days, experimenting with data centers and integrators and we always try to get the best price.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about compatibility, condition or the best product available for your need.

Our website represents only a fraction of the pieces we work with. But you can contact your complete requirements or equipment lists.


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