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A smart way to assess your hardware maintenance costs


Influence of maintenance costs taking your entire budget


Whether you're a Fortune 100 company or just starting out, if you have enterprise IT hardware, you need maintenance. In short, you have a storage infrastructure to maintain and protect, and if it goes down, so will your business.

Yes, quality maintenance contracts are essential to keep your business running smoothly, but if you are like most companies. For example, you spend 70-80% of your IT budget on maintenance for “keep the lights on. "

In fact, as the cloud adoption rate grows and on-premise data centers shrink. In addition, you probably feel even more pressure to maximize the data you choose to keep so you can release it.

And increase your budget to invest in next generation technologies. Above all, the most important thing is security.

In the same way that logic dictates that a traditional maintenance contract is no longer a viable option for the hybrid future. In such a way that you also face the reality that you cannot operate with an adequate amount of risk if you choose to be without one.

After all, when your company's equipment fails, you need a plan to repair or replace it, before an outage impacts your business. You need a maintenance strategy.


But what if you could just change the price tag?


This post will assess maintenance costs related to hardware EMC, specifically. In this sense, our research and experience have shown that this OEM, although having achieved its premier status in the storage market.

It has been unnecessarily increasing the price of maintenance, with the result that customers are seriously considering various cost reduction alternatives, including third-party maintenance.


Worth the cost? How EMC has substantially earned a return on its profit above the market average 


Since its inception in 1979, EMC has quietly established itself as a leader and innovator in the enterprise storage market. He first started out as a memory maker. Soon after, through storage for devices for IBM mainframes.

And finally launched its first standalone Symmetrix Integrated Cached Disk Array in 1990.

As a leader in system-independent disk storage, EMC has created a name to stay in the middle of consistently delivering innovative, high-performance and industry-leading storage technology. This name was undoubtedly deserved.

Above all, EMC created the world's first terabyte storage solution, coined the term NAS (sorry NetApp). And Flash storage integrated into your arrays before any other company.

That said, the reputation that EMC has carefully built is probably because you considered buying your hardware for your data center by putting it first.


Bigger brother - The biggest technology acquisition in history


The big brother just got bigger: on September 7, 2016, Dell completed its acquisition of EMC. At $ 67 billion, this acquisition is the largest technology acquisition in history.

The purchase cost almost five times as much as Symantec's purchase of Veritas, and twice the ARM deal in 2016.

The purchase of EMC also caused a new name to be formed, Dell Technologies (informally called Dell-EMC). In other words, the largest privately held technology company in the world.


Prior to the merger, EMC alone held over 18% of the storage market share. Together, the two companies hold nearly 30% of the market in the third quarter of 2019, according to IDC3.


However, this domain means problems if you are working with budgets. It doesn't just put you at the mercy of Dell technologies for upgrades and ongoing support. In other words, it blocks you from updating the equipment.

As a private company, Dell-EMC could lose this incentive to remain responsive. That is, you could have little choice but to get in line if you want to continue using industry-leading hardware.


Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way


The second part of this post continues: Assessing your hardware maintenance costs - part 2 

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